KeraStraight ‘Business Thinker’ Announced

Having sponsored the category of 'Business Thinker' at this year's Most Wanted Awards, KeraStraight would like to offer warm congratulations to all of the finalists but especially to Tommy's Hair Company of Ruthin, Denbighshire, who claimed their rightful place as this year's 'Business Thinker' winners.

Attended by the biggest names in the industry, the Creative Head Magazine Most Wanted Awards celebrations took place on Monday 3rd September at the Royal Courts of Justice in London and paid homage to the creative and business brilliance in the hairdressing industry. Recognising the rising stars of the hairdressing elite, the Grand Final offered an inspirational and exhilarating night and proved yet again, to be one of the most commendable events within the industry.

The winners of the KeraStraight 'Business Thinker' category will now receive a KeraStraight Variants Starter Pack complete with all of the essentials they need to kick-start their KeraStraight service with their newfound title as the best 'Business Thinkers'.