KeraStraight & INNOluxe Team-up with Wonderful Life

Introducing new products into your salon can come with many challenges. Will your team take to the products? Will your clients try a new treatment over an old favourite? Will you receive the support and guidance your team needs to deliver the new treatment with confidence?

While it may seem a tricky task to source new products, using a leading UK distributor like Zaine Brookes from Wonderful Life will give you and your salon the confidence to take on new products and treatments with ease.

KeraStraight joins forces with Wonderful Life

As a well-respected industry professional, Zaine has been helping salons source innovative, premium products and treatments for over 15 years, and we are extremely happy to announce that Wonderful Life have recently added KeraStraight to their product portfolio. More salons (and their clients) than ever before will have the opportunity to achieve revitalised, repaired and gorgeous styles the KeraStraight way. Even better, the company will also be supplying INNOluxe, a revolutionary protein repair line launched in 2015 by KeraStraight’s founders Jez Barnett and John Hubbard that repairs the hair during the colouring process.

In this blog post, Zaine shares his thoughts with us on how these revolutionary products could help transform not only your clients’ hair, but your entire business, too! But first, a little more about Zaine and Wonderful Life.

Introducing Zaine Brookes

As one of the UK’s leading trade-only hair and beauty distributors, Zaine and his team at Wonderful Life are passionate about sourcing premium products. From everyday consumables to electricals and salon furniture, Zaine and his team work tirelessly to match industry professionals with the perfect products for their businesses.

And Zaine’s assistance doesn’t stop there. Wonderful Life also offer year-round in-house courses to make sure that salons are trained to competently deliver new treatments with confidence. That’s service!

A passion for premium products

With innovative brands entering the market every day, it can be difficult to know where to begin when sourcing new products and services for your salon. Recently, we took the opportunity to ask Zaine about his sourcing process and quizzed him about what it is that attracts him to premium brands such as KeraStraight and Innoluxe.

“When I started wonderful life I wanted the company to be associated with premium products that offered a point of difference to salons,” Zaine explained. “KeraStraight always had a great presence in the trade press and I knew the product was great.”

A number of top salons across the UK now reap the benefits of KeraStraight thanks to Wonderful Life, including Mark Searle, Charlotte Churchill, Mawson and Company, Reeves and Gallagher, Strands, Guy Kramer, and Madeline house.

“We love KeraStraight and so do our customers.” said Zaine. “KS Ultimate is the stand out treatment, and the Moisture Intense Boost is growing in popularity. KeraStraight’s Ultimate Oil is also fantastic and not greasy at all. Our salons just love it and so do their clients! As public awareness improves, I see the brand going from strength to strength. Every customer is a potential KeraStraight client, and it’s down to us and the salons to raise awareness of the wonderful benefits... I see KeraStraight as a key partner moving forward.”

For a closer look at KS Ultimate, take a look at this introductory video:


Colour innovation and emerging markets

Zaine and his team work hard to identify and explore emerging markets within the hair industry, and believe that colour additives are the next big thing for salons and clients alike. Launched just last year, Innoluxe –  a range of three innovative colour additive products, that rebuild and strengthen the hair – has been making waves in the industry, and was recently taken on as an exclusive line by Zaine and his team.

“Jez Barnett, Innoluxe’s Managing Director, informed me he was launching another ground-breaking brand. Colour additives are a new market, and I think the potential is there for it to be a game-changer. While we were having success with another product, we love to work with an exclusive line. The concept behind Innoluxe is a very strong one that salons can relate to, and the Elixir is great. It’s a very exciting market, and Innoluxe performs very well.”

If you would like to learn more about Innoluxe, a highly innovative hair repair solution that is revolutionise the way salons bleach, colour and repair hair, you can take a peek behind the scenes at the launch of the brand at Salon International 2015 here.