KeraStraight KS Style Range Round-Up

KeraStraight’s breakthrough style range features an extraordinary collection of exquisite hair products. The series includes five KS Style products that rebuild the hair as they are styled. All of which contain KeraStraight’s unique KS Care & Protect Complex, an exclusive heat activated trilogy of wheat proteins & heat protectors. And if that wasn’t enough, our totally gorgeous lightweight oil is out of this world. 

If you’d like to see them in action, take a closer look at these introductory videos. Every video features one of KeraStraight’s Art Team demonstrating these highly innovative products and showcases the fabulous results you can expect. Enjoy! 

Ultimate Oil

"My favourite KeraStraight styling product is the Ultimate Oil by far, very light and smells amazing."

Tom Arnett, Top Stylist, Trevor Sorbie, Hampstead

Featuring a gorgeous blend of 9 specially selected oils, KeraStraight Ultimate Oil provides nourishment, repair, hydration and shine for all hair types. This sumptuous product is a firm favourite for top stylists across the UK and worldwide and was shortlisted for the Best New Haircare/Styling/Colouring category at the 2015 CEW Beauty Awards. 

Watch Claire Solomon, the founder of CF40 Hair Experience Salon, demonstrate the lightweight formula, which leaves hair looking and feeling smooth and frizz-free with tremendous shine. Incredible!


Rescue Crème

“I'm a huge fan of the KS Rescue cream! It is light enough for the most delicate and fragile hair and leaves it feeling nourished and incredibly strong. A great way to repair and rebuild hair structure.”

Sarah Begley, Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Hampstead

KeraStraight Rescue Crème - a two-in-one treatment and blow-drying crème - is a highly concentrated styling product that hydrates and repairs hair from root to tip. In this next video, the co-founder of Malcolm Murphy Hair, Joe Causier, discusses how our Rescue Crème really is a miracle product for repairing damage and sealing split ends.


Moisture Mist

KeraStraight's Moisture Mist is ideal for a lightweight yet soft hold. Suitable for all hair types, the product provides incredible moisture without making hair feel heavy. In this video, the ever-fabulous Claire Solomon explains how Moisture Mist can be activated and re-activated for shine and curl definition.


Root Lift Spray Gel

KeraStraight Root Lift gel is my go to volumising product in the salon... It always gets results!"

James Bacon, Trevor Sorbie Art Team

Super strong yet super soft, our innovative Root Lift Spray Gel provides strength, hold and flexibility to any style. It delivers heat protectant for blow-drying too. In this video, Buckinghamshire-based Hair Stylist from Brendan O Sullivan Hair & Beauty, Stacey Winterton, demonstrates how to build strength and even reactivate a style with KeraStraight Root Lift Spray Gel.


Heat Protection Spray

“KeraStraight heat protection spray protects the hair from heat but also leaves it light, pliable and residue free. Which is essential to being able to finish my haircuts properly.”

Tom Connell, Assistant Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

Offering incredible protection for hair against harmful effects of heat and heated styling tools, KeraStraight Heat Protection Spray works to protect, seal and offers a lightweight, gorgeous feeling. In this KS Style video, Nicola Picknell, Senior Stylist at Bonce Salons, demonstrates how to use Heat Protection Spray to shield hair and achieve the perfect protective style.

“One of my favourite products at the moment is KeraStraight Heat Protection Spray. I spray it lightly on dry hair for heat protection with hot styling tools, straighteners and tongs it completely protects from heat and holds the hair in place without any oiliness or stickiness whatsoever. Amazing!”

Johanna Cree-Brown, Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie International


Glossing Texture Crème

Looking for a styling product that helps showcase a style's texture? KeraStraight’s Glossing Texture Crème removes frizz, adds shine and makes it easy to craft the very best textures.

Applied to both blow-dried and towel-dried hair, this highly creative KS Style product has the potential to create texture, support styles, and can be reheated to reactive any style at any time. The magic really happens when this product is applied on to dry hair and then dried in, creating stunning texture and strength. In this final KS Style video, Stacey Winterton, demonstrates the stunning results you can achieve with KeraStraight’s Glossing Texture Crème.