KeraStraight’s Shampoo & Conditioner Win at the Hair Awards!

Amazing news - we’re excited to reveal that KeraStraight has won a prestigious award at the Hair Awards 2015, the only consumer panel and industry-tested product awards in the UK!  KeraStraight Straight Maintain Shampoo and Conditioner won the ‘Best Smoothing/Straightening Shampoo and Conditioner’ category at the awards and these products will be featured in the June issue of Hair Magazine.

A winning formula for straighter, sleeker hair

Why was the panel at the Hair Awards so impressed with KeraStraight’s Straight Maintain Shampoo and Conditioner? 

Both products have been designed to maximise the benefit and longevity of KeraStraight’s treatments, but these products are great for anyone that who wants smoother, healthy hair. Not only is the Shampoo free from harsh sodium chloride and sulphate, it also contains the KS Complex, a compound of Amazonian and African fruit and plant extracts which are designed to reinforce the effects of the treatments on your hair. 

The conditioner also benefits from the KS complex and is designed to gently moisturise your hair, shielding it from environmental stress and leaving it with an amazing light, tropical fragrance. 

Asked about the products’ success, KeraStraight’s Jez Barnett said, “Usually clients are so happy with their treatment, that it’s natural for them to want to extend their KeraStraight experience by using these products at home.” 

Head of Operations, John Hubbard sums up by the products’ versatility, “For customers who also have KeraStraight it improves the longevity of the treatment; as stand-alone products they have been developed to smooth the hair and give a luxurious feel.”

Where can I find KeraStraight’s award-winning shampoo and conditioner?

You can purchase KeraStraight’s range of ground-breaking products on and in salons around the world. Enjoy!

Unveiling our new shampoo and conditioner range

More exciting news – KeraStraight is launching new shampoo and conditioner products this summer! Introducing KeraStraight’s four new products: Moisture Enhance Shampoo, Moisture Enhance Conditioner, Volume Enhance Shampoo and Volume Enhance Conditioner.

All of these products contain KeraStraight’s unique and innovative KS complex designed to maximise the longevity of KeraStraight’s treatments, but can equally be used by anyone seeking a moisture and volume boost. Moisture Enhance and Volume Enhance Shampoos are free from harmful ingredients but still lather beautifully to give you that luxurious shampooing experience.

KeraStraight’s Moisture Enhance Shampoo works to banish dryness and deliver a hydrating and nourishing experience to your hair. Containing a harmonious blend of proteins and lightweight conditioners, the result is beautifully soft, smooth, shiny and healthy hair to die for. Use in combination with KeraStraight’s Moisture Enhance Conditioner – with essential hair moisturisers, proteins and pro-vitamin B5 to leave your hair strong, healthy, frizz-free and manageable.

If your hair is looking and feeling limp and fine and in need of a volume boost, try KeraStraight’s Volume Enhance Shampoo. With a balance of volumising and conditioning ingredients, you can restore the fullness and thickness to your hair while adding a light and flexible hold. Volume Enhance Conditioner is a perfect complement to the shampoo. With its range of natural conditioners, proteins and volumisers, it will hydrate and nourish without adding weight to leave your hair smooth, strong and full of bounce! Watch this space.