“KeraStraight’s Ultimate Treatment is a winner for us and our clients”

The Vanilla Room Hair Salon on The Isle of Man is, in owner Denise’s words, “all about colour and KeraStraight”! We caught up with Denise to find out more. 

The salon’s been around since 2005 – we make that 15 years – congratulations!

Thanks! I started the salon in 2005, but my career started many years before that! I love being creative and using my skills and talent to make people feel great, seeing them smile as they leave the salon. It’s a lovely welcoming, contemporary salon – and it’s flourishing!

That’s great to hear! Is KeraStraight a part of that?

Yes, the climate here on the Isle of Man is rainy and windy so KeraStraight is one of our best services. It’s great at giving our customers smoother, more manageable hair. We always have good feedback from this service 

One client who comes to mind in particular is Sue, who’s a dairy farmer! She’s outside all year round and can’t live without KeraStraight now. Without it, her hair is frizzy and takes ages to blow dry. 

KeraStraight’s Ultimate Treatment is a winner for us and our clients, and is one of our favourite services to offer. 

That’s music to our ears. Healthy, smooth hair suits all sorts of styles. What’s your favourite style inspiration?

I’m definitely inspired by 60s hairstyles and icons – think backcombing, bobs, Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn. I still use these techniques today in our everyday work in the salon.

And, given the time of year (and what you’ve already told us about the blustery weather on The Isle of Man), what tips can you share for looking after hair in the winter months?

Well, if you have a difficult time smoothing your hair, try a Protein Mask or Moisture Mask. You can have it applied in the salon or you can use it at home. Just apply it to freshly cleansed hair, dry the mask into the hair without a brush, then rinse it thoroughly.  

We couldn’t talk to you at this time of year without asking about your favourite Christmas party style? Even better if it’s achievable at home given Covid…

Oh, I have a great easy style for you to create from home (or in-salon if you can get there!). It makes fabulous big waves in the hair and also gives the impression that you’ve spent hours styling.

Start off with dry hair and spray with KeraStraight Heat Protect all the way through. Section off the hair, starting underneath and work your way up. Take large sections to wrap around a styling wand, then let the hair cool and move to the next section. Brush it through with a paddle brush and you’re good to go!

Thanks Denise, it’s great to know you’ve got our backs this year! What’s coming up for you and The Vanilla Room?

Well, I’ll be keeping new trends and ideas flowing through my salon and growing my team! 

I also had the chance last year to take my Colour Masters Degree Course, which was one of my biggest achievements to date (I really thrive working with colour). So I’ll be continuing to put all that into practice!

That’s another cause for celebration – and even more congratulations! Thanks so much for joining us, Denise. 

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