KeraStraight Salon of the Month : Nicholas Mark Hairdressing

KeraStraight is proud to be used in some of the best salons across the globe and we want to share some of their secrets of success with our treatments and products. We are kicking off a new blog series this month celebrating our salon of the month, their owners, and their amazing employees who transform their clients hair every day with our products.

This month we are celebrating the success of  Nicholas Mark Hairdressing, who are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. They have a great hard-working salon ethos, which focuses on the client to help them look and feel stunning at a fair price. We caught up with Nicholas to learn about his salon and the impact KeraStraight has had for his clients and business.

Tell us about your salon launch

I moved the salon to its present location in the summer of 2007. It was a very stressful time as I had wrongly believed that the landlord was not going to go ahead with redevelopment of the Eldon Square shopping centre. This resulted in a very modest launch but in the long run, it turned out to be a good move and I actually prefer this building as it’s become a great city centre location.

What do you love most about the hair industry?

I have been in the hairdressing industry for almost 30 years. The best thing for me is that after all the years of practicing hairdressing I still have a passion for what I do for a living. Work-life balance is important to me and I’m lucky enough to have a great one. Another excellent bonus is the opportunity to work with friendly colleagues.

How long have you been working with KeraStraight and what made you choose us?

We've been offering our clients KeraStraight treatments and products since 2010. There were, and still are, a whole range of different Brazilian keratin treatments but we’ve committed to KeraStraight. Being free of aldehyde/formaldehyde, it gives excellent results and also has a light and pleasant fragrance. In comparison to other brands, KeraStraight stands out for a number of reasons such as you can shampoo your hair on the same day of treatments and you don’t have to avoid the gym. Hair can be coloured just two days before or two days after the treatment. It really is suitable for all hair types, making it the most convenient for us and the client.

Do you have any favourite KeraStraight products?

All of our stylists love using the KeraStraight range — especially the KS Ultimate treatment. This makes recommending KeraStraight to new clients with frizzy and unmanageable hair easy and natural. My favourite product is the KeraStraight treatment which over the years has improved numerous times and evolved to today’s KS Ultimate!

How has KeraStraight changed the way you work?

The KeraStraight treatment has allowed us to offer a high-quality service that we would never offer otherwise. It has helped us to meet the needs of a whole new group of clients that may have never come in to the salon otherwise.

What is the best client comment you have received?

A comment from one of our clients Ingrid stands out from the rest, “I visited this salon for the first time a few weeks ago to have the KeraStraight treatment applied. The staff were very friendly and professional and I am absolutely delighted with the results of the treatment. Having struggled with my thick frizzy hair for years I can now easily blow dry and maintain my hair with shiny results and no frizz. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with frizzy,  wavy, or unmanageable hair, as it is worth every penny. I will continue to have this done every 6 months. Fantastic.”

Can you share with us your top salon tip?

When you are drying your hair with a towel avoid rubbing the hair with the towel. The friction from this movement can make the hair frizzy. Instead, remove the excess water by pressing the towel onto the hair so the water is absorbed without the friction.

Stay tuned for next month’s Salon of the Month! If you’ve been inspired by Nicholas like we have why not explore our shop? Or to find out what else KeraStraight has been up to, check out the rest of our blog!