KeraStraight Shines in China

KeraStraight founder Jez Barnett and Art Team Member Tom Arnett, from Trevor Sorbie Hampstead, starred on stage at the recent Asian Hairdressing Festival in Shanghai, China.

The show, in its 9th year, attracts visitors from all over Asia and combines a competition for the top Asian salons with an exhibition, hair shows and seminars.

We've been invited four years running, and every year it gets bigger and better. This year we had a great booth and also appeared on the huge show stage. So many seem to think that Chinese hair is always smooth and shiny, but in fact, so most people we met had very unruly and damaged hair, so the response from the audiences was fantastic.

The Art Team features Stylists from some of KeraStraight's top salons, and they have already created a Style collection as well as appeared on stage in London, Leeds and Manchester and now China. It was Tom's first visit abroad for his work, and he went down a storm with his refreshing creativity and cheeky charm.

I was really well looked after the whole time and thoroughly enjoyed working on stage there, which so far has been the biggest of my career. I've been working with KeraStraight for just under a year and this is one of many chances I've had from them so far, but quite clearly a highlight.

Tom Arnett, KeraStraight Art Team

No doubt, the visit was a huge success and we hope to be invited back next year!

The reports since our return is that there has been a huge surge in demand for both KeraStraight and our quick fix Intense Boost treatment and we've already been invited back for next year.