KeraStraight WOWs in Portugal

Fantastic. Inspirational. Revolutionary. These are just a few of the words used by industry experts to describe KeraStraight’s incredible range of treatments and products at our recent seminar in Portugal.

Lead by KeraStraight’s founder, Jez Barnett, the seminar took place at the impressive Victor Picardo Academy in Lagoa, and the feedback from the attendees was overwhelming. “It was a tremendous pleasure to meet the ‘chef’ who cooks up such amazing products that live up to their promise,” said Natalina Marques, Manager of the popular Espelho Mágico salon.

An overwhelming response!

Showcasing KeraStraight at one of the leading salon groups in the Algarve was an incredible experience, and one which fortunately gave us the opportunity to chat to the legendary Victor Picardo. “Jez’s visit was inspiring as well as motivational,” he said. “His clarity towards a now global brand is sharp and to the point. His enthusiasm and passion can inspire any professional hairstylist.”

We’ve been blessed to have Victor as a KeraStraight devotee since 2010, and it was wonderful to hear about KeraStraight’s impact on his salon. “KeraStraight keeps developing its products to achieve the best results, over and over again, making it simpler for hairstylists to give clients the hair they’ve always wanted,” he said. “For our business, it has been a significant upgrade and our clients always come back for more.”

Healthier hair, happier clients

At KeraStraight, our aim is to continually improve our treatments and products, and create solutions that are more powerful, easier and quicker than ever. During the seminar and visits to salons across Portugal, our drive for excellence was verified again and again. The feedback demonstrated just how life-changing KeraStraight is, and how far-reaching the brand’s positive impact has been.

Bradley Querl, Artistic Director at the award-winning Victor Picardo Salon in Faro, has been bowled over by KeraStraight. “I now have happier clients with even better finishes and longer-lasting healthy hair,” he said. “KeraStraight has revolutionised what’s possible for the client and for the stylist. We couldn’t live without it!”

Olga Ferreira-Hilário from Slash Creative Hair Studio also loved spending time with Jez and learning about KeraStraight. “It was a privilege to have an hour to share ideas with someone so well established in the market as Jez,” she said. “It was a very inspiring and motivating experience. We expect the next visit soon with even more surprises. We loved meeting Jez and we can’t wait for the upcoming seminar!”

Jez loved his visit to Portugal, and we’d like to thank everybody involved for their passion and enthusiasm. “I met so many wonderful hairdressers in some gorgeous salons,” he said. “And I look forward to visiting again soon to help our salons to continue delivering Gorgeous Made Easy to all of their clients.

Launching Innoluxe in Portugal

As the co-founder of Innoluxe, Jez took the opportunity to introduce his revolutionary new treatment range at the seminar. To date, Innoluxe has been unavailable in Portugal, but that’s about to change! “We’re very excited about the imminent launch of our second brand, Innoluxe. It repairs the hair during colouring and technical services, making the impossible, possible,” says Jez. “The future is bright. And with Innoluxe it’s any colour you want.” 

For a closer look at INNOluxe, watch this video:


Your customers deserve Gorgeous Made Easy hair

Débora Castro, a hair model at the seminars, was overwhelmed by how great her hair felt following her KeraStraight treatment. “I immediately felt my hair was more nourished, healthier and soft to the touch,” she said. “It was also silky, and I was able to dominate my rebellious curls too!”

To salons owners across the world, we want to say one thing - your customers deserve Gorgeous Made Easy hair too. Your clientele can love their hair again, and it starts with you. For a closer look at KeraStraight, watch the unbelievable transformations in this video: