Let’s hear it for Jez: KeraStraight & INNOluxe founder to run the London Marathon

Back in 1998, Jez’s family was devastated following the tragic loss of his brother, Michael, to heart complications.

Michael was born with a leaky heart valve that deteriorated in his teenage years and early twenties. The amazingly skilled team at Harefield Hospital operated on Michael twice and were able to give him 15 more beautiful years with his family before he sadly passed. 

Since then, Jez has done what he can to support the British Heart Foundation in honour of his brother and any other families that may find themselves in such unfortunate circumstances. 

He ran the 2016 London Marathon to raise money for the British Heart Foundation in Michael’s name, and he’s proud to be doing the same again this year.  With more funding and research, we can ensure that more lives are saved and more families stay together.

"I've been doing a lot of international travelling recently to educate clients on KeraStraight and INNOluxe, so it's been hard to fit in my training, but it's going well. I'm back to running a steady half marathon every Sunday to build up to the big one. Running in memory of my brother is all the motivation I need, plus I keep in mind that friends and family are supporting me which helps massively to give me that extra push."



Jez has pledged to raise £2,500 for the British Heart Foundation. Help him today by donating what you can before the big day on the 28th April. Every little helps! Click here to donate - it only takes 2 minutes.