Meet KeraStraight’s New Art Team Star - Bella Chouhan

KeraStraight’s new Art Team member, Bella Chouhan, has made great strides in her professional career as a hair stylist. She trained at the Saks Hair Academy in Covent Garden, thrived during a 5-year stint at Headmasters and, more recently, has become an integral part of the team at Trevor Sorbie in Richmond.

Having ignited her passion for hair, Bella loves the variety that a career in hairstyling offers and finds that no two days are the same. “What I love about hairdressing is the fact that it has so many interesting aspects. It has mixed all of my passions and created the perfect job for me - art, psychology, history, science, teaching and learning - which I think all creative souls want as we need to be stimulated.”

The true art of styling

As an exciting new addition to the KeraStraight Art Team, Bella brings a huge amount of artistic flair and passion to the group. “The best thing about being on an Art team is being able to be the catalyst between the world of fashion, art and the public. In addition to growing and learning as a stylist, my ambition is for my work to provoke a reaction from the general public. Whatever that reaction might be, that's my description of what being a creative person is.”

Bella's industry experiences have been wide-ranging thus far, from photo shoots for start-up clothing ranges to working with artists and performers. When asked in a recent interview about her favourite people to work with, Bella said, "Musicians are possibly my favourite people to work with. A friend of mine (who I met through cutting his hair) is the talented drummer, Mark Pusey. He's done incredibly well within the industry, working alongside famous musicians like Ed Sheeran and Leona Lewis. He was responsible for the drums and vocals for Sheeran's tours and album, and is a great laugh too. Perfecting a musician’s looks is so important - and they have the best backstage stories!"

Bella on KeraStraight

There’s no doubt that Bella is an advocate of KeraStraight. She said, “I love the originality of KeraStraight’s products and concepts. Above all, I adore the versatility throughout the product range, and that the brand caters to a larger market without dropping its standards or excluding certain hair types.”

When asked about the one life-transforming KeraStraight styling product that she couldn’t live without, Bella instantly replied, "Without a doubt, my favourite KeraStraight product for styling is the Ultimate Oil. There's not a single other oil on the market that I've come across with the same silky consistency, striking impact and beautiful smell that isn't greasy!"

If you’d like to watch Ultimate Oil in action, take a look at this step-by-step video:



The funny side of styling

We always ask our Art Team members about the strangest requests they’ve received in their styling career and Bella’s is one of the best we’ve heard so far! "The weirdest request I ever received has got to be being asked to put pure vodka through a client's hair to remove a build-up of silicone. The silicone came from using a high-street shampoo, and meant that she had struggled for 6 years to add any colour as it just wouldn't take anymore. I was actually excited about doing it!"