Men's Hair · Looking after Longer Locks

On the catwalks and on the streets, men's hair is getting longer. Some guys are growing it past their shoulders, while others are just letting that natural texture develop without opting for a fade every few weeks.

Long hair is great. It can help make a statement and really define someone's individuality. But, guys, if you're going to grow it, you need to take extra care of it. If you like low maintenance, then maybe stick to a short back and sides, because long hair can be hard work - although the right products and a care routine will make it much less of a chore.

Invest in the Right Tools

First of all, invest in a decent hairbrush and comb, because these will become your best friends once those tresses start growing! 

This Large Carbon Comb is perfect for longer hair, with wide gaps between the teeth helping it to glide through hair, detangling where necessary, without snagging. The KeraStraight Paddle Brush also glides easily through longer hair and is the perfect brush for speedy drying too - something else you'll need to think about once those tresses start growing.

Clean & Condition

With longer hair, you'll also need to think more carefully about frequent washing and conditioning. The longer your hair, the more help it needs in distributing its natural oils throughout its full length. Far from washing out natural oils, shampooing helps spread them from the roots right through to the tips. Longer hair also requires more conditioning, as it will be more prone to dehydration and breakage, particularly at the ends.

We offer two shampoo and conditioner combinations that you could try, depending on your specific hair type and needs. Volume Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to deliver long-lasting lustre and volume with every wash, transforming fine, thin or limp hair. Moisture Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner revitalises dry, coarse and damaged hair by locking in moisture and leaving hair shiny and frizz free.

Dry Time

And don't forget, the longer and fuller your hair, the more drying time it will need. If you opt to towel dry, don't get over-vigorous. Getting too rough with a towel can cause damage to the hair, leading to split ends and frizziness - and the more hair you have, the more obvious these conditions will be. Gently does it should be the motto.

If you decided to blow-dry is the most effective and efficient method of drying longer hair, don't forget to use some form of heat protection. Heat Protection Spray is an ultra-convenient product to use for this. The lightweight spray forms an invisible shield, locking in moisture and offering a light hold while protecting your hair from the harmful effects of heat.

Treat It Well

If you're really serious about looking after your long hair you should consider a regular treatment to ensure it stays healthy and hydrated. KeraStraight offers a range of in-salon treatments designed to meet all your hair's needs. If you're concerned about having to sit in a salon chair for hours, don't be. The Intense Boost treatments take just 30 minutes, for example, and will leave your hair looking shinier and healthier for a month.

Trim Regularly

Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because you're embracing longer locks that you don't need to make a regular trip to your hairdresser for a trim. The last thing you want is for those tresses to look dry and damaged at the ends, and a trim is the best solution for split ends. Your hairdresser is also the best person to chat to about all the ways you can care for your long hair, so it's worth visiting them just to take advantage of their expertise.