Rejuvenate Damaged Hair with KeraStraight Rescue Crème

Have you ever dyed or bleached your hair, used chemical straightening products or dabbled with hair extensions? If so, you might be familiar with the dry, brittle feeling that comes with the damage to hair from each of these treatments.

Fear not, KeraStraight can help you repair the damage. Even better, KeraStraight will also replace the nutrients that these treatments have stripped away. Introducing KeraStraight Rescue Crème - the ultimate miracle product. You can banish your hair woes and get your hair back to feeling its beautiful, natural self.

KeraStraight to the rescue!

KeraStraight Rescue Crème is formulated with heat-activated proteins to repair damaged hair and split ends. Highly concentrated yet incredibly light, it acts as a two-in-one treatment and blow-drying crème. Previously dry, damaged and chemically treated hair is left with a new lease of life - revitalised, hydrated, and incredibly soft and shiny.

Creator of KeraStraight, Jez Barnett, explained the idea behind the product: “Rescue Crème is a gorgeous lightweight styling product that repairs the hair and seals all split ends as it styles. The crème containing our KS Care & Protect Complex, a trilogy of heat activated proteins and advanced polymers. As a result, the strength and body builds as it dries, creating that gorgeous swing that fine hair can never typically achieve.”

Not only can the product be used to enhance chemically damaged hair, said Jez. It can also be used on healthy hair for an added hydration boost on a range of different hair textures including Afro-Caribbean hair. “I love this product on fine hair and damaged hair, but I do know hair stylists are using it on all hair types”.

Weaving Rescue Crème into your beauty regime

Weave Rescue Crème into your daily or weekly hair routine for softer, stronger and more beautiful hair. It’s perfectly easy to use, just work a small amount into shampooed and towel dried hair and comb it through before styling as usual to activate.

For even more striking results, use Rescue Crème in combination with any of the other KeraStraight products and benefit from gorgeously luscious locks. Jez explained how he approaches the product: “Along with Rescue Crème, I sometimes add a little Ultimate Oil to give even greater shine and softness. Root Lift Spray Gel is great to apply to the roots and re-dry after hair has been styled with Rescue Crème. It gives the roots a huge boost while leaving the hair soft and silky.”

If you’d like to see KeraStraight Rescue Crème in action, watch this step-by-step tutorial: