Sally Montague Hair Group Offers More Than Great Hair Service

Sally Montague Hair Group offers clients more than just great hair service. We’re talking hair, beauty and wellbeing (because, why not?). A salon group which offers yoga, Pilates and SHRED! Talk about feeling good inside and out.

What’s more, there’s 7 salons located across Derbyshire...

We started talking pre-lockdown, oh how things have changed. What have the last few months looked like for you?

It’s been a chance to reinvent some of the services that we offer. We worked hard throughout lockdown to make sure that we came back with a bang. It was such a surprise and a relief when we opened the phone lines and it was so busy - we have also gained a lot of new clients which was an unexpected bonus. We have certainly found that our clients want new style inspiration, new colour and a real overhaul of their hair health. 

And all of these added extras – you know, beyond hair – what does that look like in a world of social distancing?

We have had to be vigilant when following the ever changing government guidelines in order to ensure the safest environment for our clients and staff. We had to delay a few of our services such as beauty (on the face) and certain classes until we have more clarity from the government. We are also planning ahead and putting safety measures in place for when our classes are allowed to begin running, such as smaller groups, fewer classes and staggered client arrivals. 

Let’s get this right…what’s the full menu of services and treatments you offer? We are still in awe…

So, our salons offer a huge menu of hair and beauty treatments as well as our fitness studio at the Ashbourne salon. We cover everything from hair colouring, cutting and treatments to massages, advanced facials and manicures!  We really focus on a personalised experience and the continual education of our team to ensure that we are offering a great service to clients.  

We’ve never seen a salon, let alone 7 - that looks to create healthy hair (well, that’s more common) but body and mind, too!

Our aim was to create an all-encompassing client experience and we believe that there is a social and educational element which is really enjoyed by clients. In our multi-purpose studio space which is used for classes every day, we also hold regular workshops on a range of subjects, from ‘Curl Classes’ to ‘Sleep Workshops’. We began noticing a big shift in how people were viewing and focusing on their lifestyle and wanted to be able to cater for our clients who were interested in these classes. 

Talk about going above and beyond! Or should we say going mindfully deeper?

Yes, we believe that haircare starts from within and how various factors can have a direct impact on hair health. We firmly believe that when you look good, you feel good and that the two go hand in hand. 

So each salon brings their own unique approach?

Exactly, each of our 7 salons have their own look and feel which is something we are very proud of. We really like to focus on the building and design when opening our salons and whilst we like to keep our customer service and level of skill consistent throughout our brand, we think having unique quirks to each salon is what sets us apart to our competitors.

We love the aesthetic. We also agree that unique quirks are important; we believe everyone deserves the right to obtain their best unique hair.

Oh yes, like with KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment the hair feels hydrated, glossy and smooth. It seals the colour inside the cuticle and it’s a huge bonus for our clients that they can wash their hair straight afterwards if they want to. 

We also really love the Intense Boost which really allows you to personalise the service for all varieties of texture and for all clients’ needs.

Completely! So, what would your best hair tip be?

We believe in beautiful hair from the inside out, keeping hair in optimum condition is essential and we like to give our clients the tools and advice to continue caring for their hair at home. Hair is the only accessory you wear every day so if it looks flawless, you’ll look and feel super confident. 

We love that! ‘The only accessory you wear every day’. 

And the biggest trend for 2020 (what’s left of it)? 

The biggest trend we are seeing at the moment is clients embracing their natural texture. After years of over curling and straightening irons there is definitely a movement towards embracing your natural beauty and texture. A helping hand to enhancing this is always beneficial and we’ve seen a huge rise in clients wanting an Ultimate Treatment to remove frizz and create more manageable hair that is easy for them to just ‘wash and go’ at home.

And finally, what about the future?

Right now we are finding our “new normal” and adapting to life post COVID-19. We have already expanded our team with seven new team members since reopening. We are not ruling out adding more salons to our group but right now the focus is our team and our lovely clients! 

Ah, yes, new normal, something we will all have to get used to, but at least we can do so by visiting one of your salons and treating our minds, bodies and, of!  

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