Slick and sexy: what's the fuss about hair oils?

Hair oils are fantastic multitaskers that will replenish, revive and benefit the overall health and look of your hair. They are a hair must-have, with more and more people incorporating them into their daily hair regime to reap the benefits. Ten years ago,  no one had heard of hair oils outside of traditional home remedies and now every hair brand has produced at least one, and many have a whole range. So, why are hair oils so popular and what are the very best ingredients? Here, we take a deeper look into hair oils and explore the amazing benefits they can deliver.

How do hair oils work?

As mixtures of nourishing fatty acids, hair oils work to replace lipids in the hair to strengthen your locks. This makes them a great match for anyone who has damaged their hair through colouring and over styling. If you have curly or thick hair and struggle to detangle, introducing an oil into your regime will help to avoid stretching hairs when wet, this is when it is in its most vulnerable state.

Certain oils can also act as a heat protectant: by adding a few drops to damp hair prior to styling with dryers and straighteners, you can help shield it from damage. Some companies have created different oil formulas with different hair types in mind. For example, if you are struggling with dry and damaged hair, using coconut and argan oils are an ultra moisturising way to help rejuvenate your hair. Jojoba oil and avocado oil are also great additions as they deliver lightweight hydration and deliver health and easy manageability for those who struggle with knots and tangles. Macadamia and Olive oil replenish the outside cuticle layer of the hair and deliver an ultra smooth finish and shine. There are even oils perfect for finer hair types, like sunflower, linseed and wheatgerm oil. As well as leaving the hair healthy and shiny, these oils plump out the inner structure giving the feel of more hair.

Enhance your hair

Rather than just using one oil as our base we have created  KeraStraight Ultimate Oil, which has a gorgeous blend of nine specifically chosen oils. Ultimate Oil not only helps you style your hair beautifully but also works as a fabulous treatment. This lightweight formula makes it suitable for all hair types as it delivers deep replenishment without weighing down fine hair, or make curls lank. The formula will enhance your hair, calming frizz, and creating a stunning shine. Dull and lifeless hair will be transformed if you leave it on as an overnight treatment.

Hair oils are best applied away from the scalp as the formulations are designed to give their benefits to the dryer areas of the hair and some are quite heavy. It’s best to start from the ends of the hair and work your way up the shaft. It’s not necessary to apply in sections, just work well into your hands before applying to your hair to ensure the evenest distribution.  With most hair oils 1-3 drops are sufficient but coarser hair will often need a little more than finer hair. Some oils can leave residue when used over a long period of time, so you may need to add a clarifying or cleansing shampoo to your routine every couple of weeks. But if you pick a high-quality oil this shouldn’t be an issue.

Sleek styling

Not only do oils have transformative hair health benefits, you can also use them to whip your hair into styling shape.  You can even combine them with other styling products to give you endless styling options. Using hair oils to create up do’s can add shine and control that’s been missing from your styling.  A little oil can also give you the power to conquer braids and twists in that structured Instagram-worthy style you’ve always desired.

For those with a bob seeking a low maintenance look, why not try slicking shorter bobs back from the face and hold it in place using hair oil? This nod to the wet look trend instantly adds a striking element to any outfit with a much sought after shine.  

A couple of drops of oil smoothed through your wild curls can add shine to a bedhead style and remove frizz, whilst keeping texture and volume. The light will bounce off hair making it look fuller and healthier giving you the perfect beachy finish.

Check out Ultimate Oil and our other ground-breaking Styling products on the KeraStraight Shop to include them in your haircare regime. Keep up to date with our blog to get more great styling tips and ways to keep your hair healthy.