Spotlight on KeraStraight Heat Protection Spray

Is your hair frazzled, dry or damaged because of heated styling tools? Do you long for a way to protect your hair from heat damage without causing it to look greasy and lifeless? If the answer is yes, then we have the perfect product for you - KeraStraight lightweight Heat Protection Spray. 

Do I need a heat protection spray?   

If you don’t use a heat protection spray, your hair will be extremely vulnerable to damage from regular blow-drying, straightening and curling. Using heated styling tools directly on the hair takes natural oil from the hair and damages essential proteins, leaving you with the split ends and breakage that makes for a less than desirable look! 

You can avoid this damage by integrating Heat Protection Spray into your daily hair care routine. The spray works by creating a barrier against the heat of your styling tools. Plus, it locks in moisture, leaving your hair with a light hold and a gorgeous, delicate fragrance. 

How does it work?

KeraStraight Heat Protection Spray contains the unique Care & Protect Complex which consists of a trilogy of wheat proteins and advanced polymers. Activated by heat, they protect against heat damage while also locking in hydration and keeping the hair strong. Once applied to your hair, you will be able to use your favourite blow dryers, straightening irons and curling wands without the worry of damaging your hair. What’s more, the hair will look and feel healthier for using it as it will enhance your style, decrease frizz, increase shine and leave your hair smelling fantastic.

KeraStraight founder Jez Barnett explained his inspiration behind creating the Heat Protection Spray product:

We’re all about condition, so when we created the KS Style range with heat protection throughout, it only made sense to go further and add thermal protection to guard against the heat damage of straightening irons, wands and tongs too.

Not only will the product protect against heat, says Jez, but also help people develop healthier, more beautiful hair, which smells sensational:

As this is part of our KS Style range, the trilogy of wheat proteins are activated by heat, so not only will there be heat protection, the hair will actually feel better for using it. Everyone loves the fragrance, which is a combination of different inspirations built to deliver at different levels and adapts to the bases its mixed with. Everyone seems to recognise different notes in it based on what they like, which is pretty cool.

Incredible result & easy to use

Heat Protection Spray can be lightly sprayed from 6 inches onto dry hair before using heat styling tools or onto towel dried hair immediately before blow drying to create a soft protective layer. To refresh a style, just spray Heat Protection Spray onto dry hair from six inches and re-blow dry, perfect for creating a soft wave and achieving a sleek finish. 

Our stylists and customers love it! Here’s why.

So, why do customers and stylists alike love our Heat Protection Spray? 

Speaking about the product’s popularity, Jez said:

We’ve been thrilled at how successful this has been since launch and how it’s such a strong favourite with so many hairdressers.” Part of the success of KeraStraight Heat Protection Spray is due to the product’s versatility. Designed for all hair types, it can be used by anyone who uses heated styling equipment. “Heat Protection Spray also makes a great body builder when used on wet prior to blow dry, especially when used in combination with Root Lift Spray Gel.

Laura Budd, author of the blog A Daisy Chain Dream, tested out our Heat Protection Spray and gave it rave views, describing it as a ‘miracle worker’:

I’ve been on the hunt for a decent heat protection spray for years but have never found one I really loved. From the first use of this I knew I was on to a winner- with shiny, sleek hair with no fried ends after my (somewhat amateur) attempts at styling my hair, this has well earned it's £19.00 price tag.