Spotlight on Kerrie Northcut

Wanna increase your revenue by 300%? The secret for Kerrie Northcut was becoming a KeraStraight specialist. 

Want to stand out from your competition? You need to have a USP and there’s no doubt that Kerrie’s found hers. 

Running a freelance business with lots of clients meant being a jack of all trades - from colour and blow dries to hair-ups, you name it, Kerrie could offer it. Sounds familiar, right?

But what she really wanted was to be a master of one. Customers are amazed at how healthy their hair feels and how great it looks after a KeraStraight treatment so why not concentrate on that?

But can you really make that much profit as a part-time hairdresser offering one specialism? Yes, by being as focused as Kerrie. 

It may sound mad but her journey to that revenue rise began with a garage conversion. “I turned my garage into a home salon and I really wanted the space to be a KeraStraight-only salon. It’s what allows me to deliver a luxury service which gets incredible feedback,” Kerrie explains. 

If you thought the term ‘riches are in the niches’ was just a cliche, think on. Focusing on just one treatment and one brand keeps things simple, something that Kerrie really welcomes and that her customers thank her for too. 

“I have children and work part time so with the limited hours I have to offer I want to maximise my income and do the one thing I enjoy doing most.” Since passing her KeraStraight exam in 2017, that’s been her goal. A bold move, but all the better for it.

“I love having my space where it’s solely KeraStraight. I can put all of my focus and energy into the treatment as I’m not juggling all other aspects of hairdressing.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But when you’re running your business from your garage how do you let people know you’re there in the first place? 

The word on the street starts on the ‘Gram

For Kerrie, it’s all about social media.  “I would advise any hairdresser to spend time on their photos, Reels and Tik Toks and to post regularly. So many of my new clients say “your photos sold it to me” before they’ve even spoken to me.”

And while you’re refreshing your Tik Tok account, don’t forget that good old fashioned word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool too. “A large amount of my new work is from recommendations,” agrees Kerrie. “The treatment speaks for itself and when people see their friends with frizz-free glossy hair they ask what they have had done.” 

Sound advice from an expert

There’s no denying the KeraStraight difference, but how can you make the most of it to really maximise your business, Kerrie Northcut-style?

“My top three tips would be

  • Take great photos, even if it means moving a client into the light to show off shine or even outside on a sunny day. 
  • Personalise the appointment to the client, I often work with two pairs of straighteners, for example, so I can use a different heat on the natural root and a lower heat on bleached ends. 
  • Keep a record of the appointment. I always write down what was used, how much, how hot and how long the appointment took, so for each appointment I’m prepared before the client arrives.”

It’s paying off for Kerrie, who can now concentrate on doing what she loves. 

“Since switching to solely KeraStraight my business is 300% up on last year, which is a huge jump and confirms I’ve made the right decision.”

We’d say so Kerrie. 

You can follow Kerrie on Instagram  - prepare to be inspired!