Spotlight on Melissa Timperley

This month we’re shining the ‘Salon Spotlight’ on Melissa Timperley Salons Ltd.

We already know that Melissa is a force is to be reckoned with; trained at Sassoon, a finalist in the internationally recognised IT Girl Awards and opened Melissa Timperley Salons in December 2016.

So, a few years down the line, what’s been happening?

We have been open for almost 3 years now, and we are grateful to say we have won a lot of industry awards in that time including winner of best salon in the UK two years running!

We are also waiting on a few more results to be announced soon.

Congratulations! What has adding to your – now, many – accolades meant for your business?

We have implemented several enhancements to the service we offer clients which include:

  • The launch of the Manchester Balayage and Ombre Centre
  • Expansion of the team
  • Further development of our outstanding customer service approach – which also led us to win the NHF’s Best Customer Service Award
  • The launch of innovative hairstyling collections, including The Essence of a Woman Collection for the more mature woman in celebration of International Women’s Day
  • A series of fashion photoshoots and participation in shows around the world

Just a little busy would be understatement then? What keeps you going?

December 2019 marks the Salon’s 3rd birthday and it is great to look back at what we’ve achieved in a relatively short space of time.

It wouldn’t have been possible, of course, without the support of our fabulous clients.  The awards are as much for them as it is for us, and I want to thank them for their loyalty and trusting us with their hair.

What changes have you noticed within the hairdressing industry in these last 3 years?

Hairdressing is one of the only things now that you can’t buy online.

So true, everything’s online now!...

We believe that if you can make your client feel special then they will remember that feeling.  For us, the ‘client journey’ is the cornerstone of our success.

Our ethos is to create beautiful, wearable and maintainable hair; we want to make clients feel better about themselves and their world.  We can’t change the world events, but with each client, we can encourage a better outlook on it.

Recent research clearly shows that a fabulous visit to the salon makes clients feel better about themselves. The salon also offers clients a choice of 35 speciality teas, coffees and soft drinks, and the opportunity to pre-select any favourite songs or pieces of music in advance of their visit. These are then added to the playlist for the day. It creates a great talking point as well as demonstrating the truly bespoke nature of our approach.

Talk about personal touches! We want to pry a bit deeper into the bespoke service you offer; is this what makes you stand out from the crowd?

What we do here is to design beautiful hair – as judged by both the client and ourselves after a thorough consultation.

The test for us at the end of our work is ‘is this hairstyle beautiful’? Of course, individual style is in the eye of the beholder, but most of us looking at a random selection of hairstyles on any given busy street would be able to pick out those styles that really suit the individual and enhance their image. We believe your hair is your best (and most visible) accessory.

And of that most visible accessory, what trends have you been seeing a lot of, and how is KeraStraight playing a part?

The French girl bob has been very popular and we feel that it is going to go from strength to strength.  This cut can be styled to all hair types and adapted to all ages. 

We can add as much texture and colour as the client wants.  It can be classy or edgy, it can be androgynous or ultra-feminine.  Shine is essential with this hairstyle which is where KeraStraight can help achieve the perfect frizz-free, shiny hair 

How long have you been offering KeraStraight now?

We have been offering KeraStraight to our clients since we opened almost 3 years ago! We specialise in designing beautiful hair and we have a balance of precision cutting and creative colour. It was only natural to introduce a treatment that would help enhance our clients’ hair and make it easier for them to maintain it. This is where KeraStraight came in to help clients who struggle with frizzy, unruly and damaged hair.

Have your favourite KeraStraight products changed since we last spoke?

Our favourite KeraStraight product is Ultimate Oil.  We love it because it works on all hair types. It can be used on wet or dry hair and creates the most beautiful shine which finishes off every style for Instagram worthy hair.

Oh, the ‘gram. Talking of inspiration, who would you say is your latest muse?

Taylor LaShae will always be an icon and inspiration.  She is effortless yet chic with hair to die for.  It is the most asked-for-style in Manchester and we just love doing it!

Your best salon tip?

The way you blow-dry your hair is everything. We suggest applying the KeraStraight products (try Heat Protect) on wet hair and wrap drying with a Vess Brush from side to side.  It is a life-changing tip that works on even the jumpiest of hairlines – you can thank us later!

We’d actually like to thank you now!

You can follow Melissa Timperley on Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter.