Spotlight on Nicholas Mark Hairdressing

This month we’re shining the ‘Salon Spotlight’ on Nicholas Mark Hairdressing in Newcastle.

Spurred on by the boundless creativity the hair industry has to offer, treating clients like royalty, and forming relationships. No wonder we’ve partnered with Nicholas Mark Hairdressing for a whole decade.

Wow, can you believe that we first spoke to you at the beginning of the year? Bring us up to speed; what’s the latest news in regards to your salon, you know, in the midst of a pandemic!

Lockdown was a very unsettling period with so much uncertainty. There was a lot of speculation, and we had to guess what the government would be requiring us to do. 

In the end, we were given just 10 days notice of when we could open. During this period some clients were feeling anxious and feared that they would not be able to get an appointment. Fortunately, we were able to juggle the appointments to fit in all the clients. 

It was extremely busy when we went back to work on the 4th of July. We’ve seen a rise in restyles and drastic changes. Long hair cut into jawline bobs. 

We’ve been doing more KeraStraight Ultimate Treatments. Services that clients could not have been able to do at home as they are not as simple as applying an all-over colour. 

And how are things now that you have been open for a few months?

Things have now finally calmed down, but perhaps are a little quieter for this time of year. The main reason why we are experiencing a quiet period I believe is because a very large number of people are now back working from home, and do not feel the need to have their hair done as frequently. 

Before we caught-up at the beginning of the year, we last spoke in 2017 – so last decade – we were seeing the emergence of textured hair, and the blended colour; bronde.

What are you starting to see in 2020, and how is KeraStraight playing a part in this trend?

Bright pastel hair colours continue to be a huge trend, even post lockdown we were seeing a surge in pastel colours.. However, adding these vibrant colours causes damage as the hair needs to be pre-lightened first and the desired colour applied afterwards.

Besides eliminating frizz, KeraStraight can be used as a treatment for this type of damage by putting keratin back into the hair. 

In actual fact the more damaged the hair is the more it seems to benefit from the KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment. When the hair has been through a tough time, the cuticle is open and allows keratin to penetrate.

With a trend, comes a certain amount of merging; the more popular, the less differentiation. How do you stand out from the crowd?

We have to treat clients like royalty. If there’s a misunderstanding or when mistakes happen we try to resolve it quickly and must always be honest to clients about products or services.

So, would you say there’s also a certain amount of imparting knowledge to clients?

Clients are more informed having first research looks and treatments before they visit the salon. This reassures them on whether they can trust a salon or the advice from the stylist. They are also relying less and less on glossy magazines for inspiration. 

We have found that most of our clients now stay up-to-date on new trends through social media.

They often discover trendy looks long before they are seen on the high street.

What about you? Your latest muse or a style you’re just loving (having been inspired by those little square pictures)?

I recently saw a picture of Kendall Jenner with a sleek long hairstyle which I liked very much. The hair was brushed all back off the shoulders and off the forehead thus adding volume on top. Perfect for someone with a round face.

And, what do you love most about the hair industry?

What made me stick with hairdressing was the independence, the endless opportunities of creativity. The pleasure we see clients feel when they see the finished look, and the friendship which forms between the client and hairdresser.

We love a good partnership. In fact, how long has it been since you started offering KeraStraight in your salon?

We have been offering our clients KeraStraight since 2010.

We researched the range of different Brazilian keratin treatments but committed to KeraStraight. The treatment gives excellent results, it has a pleasant fragrance, you can shampoo your hair on the same day of treatment. You also don’t have to avoid the gym and you can colour your hair just two days before or two days after the treatment.

OK, we’re sure we know the answer here, but we’ll ask anyway…what’s your favourite KeraStraight product?

The Ultimate Treatment has been our favourite for a long time.

It has been constantly improved and has become even more effective on resistant hair types.

KeraStraight is also very good at updating us and giving us clear instructions. Over the years we have seen the actual method change, become easier to apply with better results.

Your top salon tips?

Naturally dry or damaged hair lacks moisture. It almost immediately becomes frizzy when you are in a humid environment as it tries to suck the water from the air.

Add moisture to dry or damaged hair with a KeraStraight treatment. This way, when you go outside, your hair will not need to absorb moisture from the humid air. 

And what about for those at home?

After you’ve finished styling your hair straight, it will want to revert to its natural shape very quickly. Apply the KeraStraight Moisture Mist to washed hair, this adds moisture to hair without overloading it.

When you blow-dry your hair, you can also make the style last for longer by taking smaller pieces. Sections that are too wide or too thick will not receive sufficient heat to hold the style. Sections should not be wider than your round brush and approximately two inches thick. Finish off with two or three passages using the straighteners. 

Lastly, what does the future hold for your salon?

As a salon owner, I would like to create an environment where there are opportunities for both the business and the people in the business to thrive.

Thus, attracting and retaining the best and brightest staff. 

You can find out more about Nicholas Mark salon here.