Style Guide: Want to turn heads?

Whether you want volume or texture, a gentle hold or serious strength, we have the style products you need. Each contains our unique innovative protein formulation, natural ingredients, and our signature dash of obsession - so that they add strength and moisture to your hair as you define your style.

Choose our pioneering, heat-activated styling technology to unleash your individuality and get yourself noticed.

Which will you choose?

Add volume and support with new & improved ROOT BOOST. Heat to activate the proteins and be inspired by the way the heat increases strength and body. Style with TEXTURE CREME to remove frizz, add texture and shine.  Pick ULTIMATE OIL for nourishing. Blended from 9 specially-selected premium oils, this tames and smoothes and smells divine!

Heat can seriously damage your hair but we have some amazing solutions. Protect before you dry or iron with HEAT PROTECT defence spray that locks in moisture or you may be tempted by MOISTURE MIST, a spray that delivers a gentle hold AND heat protection. It’s also great for beards!  Or there’s highly concentrated RESCUE CREME, for strengthening and rebuilding hair: a blow-dry and repair treatment in one.

..or go for them all!

For those that like to play, choose a Style Cocktail. A combination of products that deliver an extra special look.

Moisture Mist + Root Boost = Unbelievable Curls

Moisture Mist + Ultimate Oil = Maximum Moisture & Shine

Heat Protect + Root Boost = Ultimate Structure & Support

Root Boost + Texture Creme = Defining Texture & Strength

It’s time... choose your look - then share your style