Take a Closer Look at KeraStraight’s Glossing Texture Crème

Do you change your hairstyle as often as you change outfits? If yes, you’ll love KeraStraight’s Glossing Texture Crème, a texture enhancing product that allows you to effortlessly change your hair as often as you like. Glossing Texture Crème is part of a family of KeraStraight’s world-leading, highly innovative products designed to enhance your look while caring for and protecting your hair. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look.

Add texture and remove that frizz!

KeraStraight Glossing Texture Crème is a soft, lightweight wax, designed to add shine and texture, remove frizz, and allows you to completely transform your style’s texture with ease. 

You can use it on dry hair as a shine and texture enhancing finishing product. Alternatively, use on wet hair to add a little weight and enhance curls. To maximise curls, it works especially well alongside KeraStraight’s Moisture Mist and Root Lift Sprays. 

The real magic happens when it’s applied to dry hair then heated with a hairdryer - KeraStraight Glossing Texture Crème transforms into an incredible strengthening texturizing product, allowing you to change your style. This product is suitable for all hair types, and the hold will last until shampooed or until reheated to transform the shape again. With the more natural, ‘undone’ look on trend at the moment, our Glossing Texture Crème is perfect for both guys and girls seeking texture and hold without looking too ‘perfect’! Compared to the texturizing sea salt sprays, Glossing Texture Crème leaves the hair looking and feeling both smoother and healthier.

Glossing Texture Crème can be used in 3 ways: 

  1. Activate to release texture / apply post blow dry to showcase and enhance texture and shine. 
  2. Activate as style support / apply to pre- shampooed and towel dried hair and style as required to create beautiful softness and support. 
  3. Re-activate to transform a style / apply to dry hair and reheat to release amazing moldable texture and strength. Can be reheated to re-activate at any time. 

It’s that simple!

A rescue remedy that everyone loves

KeraStraight’s Glossing Texture Crème is a popular choice in salons and beauty bloggers alike. Beauty blogger Kathryn, author of the blog Cherries in the Snow, put our Glossing Texture Crème to the test and said: “Another product from the KeraStraight range, and when it's used in conjunction with the conditioner, my hair is so much more manageable. This beauty item tames all my frizzy ends, keeps my locks moisturised, resulting in my straightened style lasting longer.”

Nital, of beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog Surangi Style, was also extremely happy with the product’s results, commenting: “It kept the frizz at bay and helped define my curls and keep my hair shiny, but not greasy. This also has a lightweight consistency and did not weigh my hair down, so it was left full of body”.

Impressed with the KeraStraight range after using several products for a few weeks, Nital also said: “These products have some great ingredients, which are good for the hair and a lot of research has been done before these products have been produced.”

Beauty and the Chic blogger, Claudia said, “I apply a small amount once my hair is dry and brush it through, I then curl/straighten my hair as usual and my hair is instantly glossy and soft.”

With reviews like these, why not try incorporating KeraStraight’s Glossing Texture Crème into your hair care routine and see the fantastic results for yourself?

I’m ready! Where can I buy KeraStraight’s Glossing Texture Crème?

For more information, watch this step-by-step video introduction: