Ten years of Slammin’ Hair

Whilst the world was watching Avatar and Up!, bopping to The Black Eyed Peas and Miley Cyrus, and finding themselves surprisingly emotional over Barak Obama’s inauguration, Jez Barnett and John Hubbard were creating KeraStraight. Combining science, nature and a dash of obsession, they have spent the past ten years developing treatments and products that build healthy, strong hair. Loved by some of the world’s most creative hairdressers, including the team at Trevor Sorbie and Not Another Salon, their award-winning treatments create the perfect canvas for any look; it’s a life changer for anyone who wants to repair or grow their hair, for those that don’t like or cannot manage their curl/wave/frizz, and it’s for all hair types.

“It’s been an amazing 10 years. We’ve pushed the limit in keratin products and developed protein-based formulas that fight frizz, add moisture and repair damage. We’ve transformed hair in 15 countries and we continue to be inspired: relentlessly creating new products and forging new partnerships.

There are so many opportunities to improve the health and behaviour of hair. Whatever your hair type, our treatments work hard to create a perfect canvas on which stylists can work their magic.  Even the most stubborn hair textures may be transformed allowing clients hairstyles they would otherwise be unable to achieve. The future promises so much more, we can hardly wait.”

Jez Barnett, Co-Founder

In our world of infinite possibilities and choices, we believe that when you look good, you feel good and you have the energy to follow your desires wholeheartedly. A blank canvas of healthy, nourished hair means that anything is possible - and you can truly be yourself. Embrace textures, go for those bold cuts, an undone style or even a Hollywood sheen. Reimagine yourself as and when you wish.

“KeraStraight has set the pace for others to follow and their products have helped our team to exceed the expectations of our guests. The recent introduction of their Ultimate Treatment has delivered the industry’s best solution for providing the perfect canvas of hair: this gives us the perfect artistic and technical base for success. We are so happy to celebrate KeraStraight’s 10th anniversary and we look forward to their continued innovation.”

Nathan Walker, International Technical Director at Trevor Sorbie

As we celebrate 10 years of fabulousness - we challenge you all to be the very best version of you. Embrace all challenges and be confident in yourself. We promise to do the same - so watch out for lots of exciting new developments over the next few months: we will continue to lead the way.