6 top selling tips from Dubai's brand ambassador Lucy Parry

A career that was born in her mother’s hair and beauty salon, has now taken Lucy Parry on a journey to Dubai where she is a KeraStraight brand ambassador. After honing her selling skills with Mercedes Benz, Lucy decided she wanted a change. It was here where she was introduced to her boss through a friend and shortly after, was thrown back into the salon environment.

Ruksher, an owner of three elite salons noticed Lucy’s talent for sales. She asked her to manage current accounts and promote new business for her niche distribution company that specialised in innovative hair products. Combining her sales skills with her passion for hair and beauty, Lucy has gone from strength to strength, and she now represents one of our most successful international sales associates— a true KeraStraight star.  Here she gives her 6 top tips to make the most of KeraStraight for salons and distributors

1)  Consultation is key

When I first read the manual and saw the five words, “tell me about your hair” I didn’t understand the importance of these 5 words. When you think about it, most people complain about their hair and go to salons in search of a solution. The usual answers are dry, damaged, weak, frizzy or unmanageable. This is the perfect way to introduce KeraStraight! Understanding the client’s problems, finding out what they want from their hair and then talk them through what KeraStraight can do for their hair type.

2) Regular refresher training

Once you have established a good relationship, you have to maintain it — like anything in life. Of course, you have to build strong foundations by instilling trust and confidence in the product. We do this by conducting regular refresher training, as some people don’t always gain a full understanding the first time. Some stylists have too much pride to ask for help and may blame the product, but training absolves this problem. Training doesn’t necessary have to be practical, it can be as simple as having a source of consistent communication every few months.

3) Get PR savvy

It’s all about the domino effect: PR, marketing, and sales promotion. It’s an expense every business has to pay but is well worth investing in. In the end it actually saves you money, allowing you to cover more ground in a shorter space of time. Whether it's an event, social media or regularly engaging with bloggers and influencers to review products and treatments. Testimonials are so important; a great review means so much more as it’s from an independent source. 

4) Sell the full concept

Most salons go in search of various different brands to try and curate a wide range of products for their consumers to choose from. Consumer’s buying behaviours generally vary so you have to accommodate everyone's individual needs. For every salon, the most important thing you should be promoting is healthy hair, and this is what KeraStraight delivers. I highlight the fact that if only half of a range is on offer, their clients impulse to purchase lowers. Salons who don’t invest in the whole concept are limiting a potential sale before they even start. A style range product could lead to an Intense Boost or KS Ultimate in-salon service or vice versa, so it’s important to sell KeraStraight as a full package. 

5) Focus on the science

Some salons associate keratin treatments with chemicals, flat hair and damage as this was the norm with more dated treatments. That’s why education is key. Explaining the scientific details behind the products and the role each carefully selected ingredient plays in the process is essential. A lot of clients research treatments before making their appointment. For this reason it’s vital that the team are all experts in KeraStraight, so they can explain the process of the treatments and products. This way they can communicate how each client’s hair issue can be solved and tailor the information they are receiving. KeraStraight’s new online course and exam is proving really helpful for this.

6) Get the whole team onboard

In my experience, it’s vital to get all of the stylists onboard as well as the salon owner. They have a huge input in what products are selected to be used in the salons as they are the ones conducting the services. Key to this is making stylists love the product as much as you do, that way it becomes natural for them to recommend the KeraStraight to their clients. The best business structures involve every single person in the company, from the receptionists, to assistants, to the stylist. KeraStraight can become part of their business culture and that’s when a truly significant business is created.

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