The Modern Mullet

So, the long and short of it is, the mullet is back. But don’t panic, this time it’s a little less extreme.

Sure, it’s still a style that has confidence as a prerequisite. But it’s come a long way since 70s Jane Fonda, 80s Cher and 90s…Pat Sharp. It’s battled through the fog of hairspray, it’s grazed past the blunt edge of the scissor.

The modern mullet is softer, versatile, and a lot more wearable. You could even say it’s a bit more low-key.

We’ll admit, never has there been such a love-hate relationship with a hairstyle than with the mullet. It has been everything from rebellious and non-conforming to tacky and garish. A two-tiered style described as “business in the front, party in the back” it’s no wonder we thought this style would never return…again.

Yet here we are, with the modern mullet taking on a whole new approach to short-at-the-front-and-sides and long-at-the-back. Think less Wayne’s World and more Stranger Things. Less Billy Ray Cyrus, more Miley Cyrus.

You can go as out-there or as subtle as you like. You can also introduce another tier; you can still have the length, you can still have the fringe, but you can also have the step, something to soften the differences in length. It also means you can just have fun.

Mullets can be as sharp or as soft as you’d like, but I think ultimately by keeping a little more length, and the disconnection softer, it gives you the option to play around more when it comes to styling and it just becomes a style that’s easy to wear every day.

A healthy base of hair is everything when it comes to cutting styles like this, without it nothing we create as stylists will ever make a great impact.

My two favourite products at the moment are the Moisture Mask and Moisture Mist by KeraStraight. As suggested in the names, they bring a boost of hydration and moisture back into the hair which creates a great place to start when restyling. If the hair is weak and unhealthy, the ends will fray... And that’s not a look anyone wants!

Georgia Bell, Twisted Scissors Salon

Soft, luscious and embracing your hair’s natural movement is what the modern mullet is all about. Still not convinced? Take a look at the latest catwalks, or the red carpet, or turn to social for your instant inspiration for the – now – versatile style 

If you’re worried about your hair being too thick and curly, then simply go for less of the drastic chop. You can still embrace the style, just a bit more casually, and using Ultimate Oil will help tame any frizzy flyaway hair.

Of course, if your hair is needing a transformation, then why not opt for an Ultimate Treatment? The perfect solution for hard to manage and time-consuming hair. 

If, however, you’ve got naturally straight hair, then adding a bit of texture with Texture Crème will help give new life to the style.

So, what do you think? Got the confidence to take the plunge, step-by-step?