The Salon Secret To Save Your Hair From A DIY Disaster

When it comes to our hair, we all know that the DIY option can easily end in disaster. Being on lockdown shouldn’t mean we take it out on our tresses.

That fringe you always wanted can wait… can’t it?  

Besides, emergency appointments with your favourite hairstylist to correct what you thought you could do is no longer an option in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Desperate times shouldn't always result in desperate measures.

Just think, that skew-whiff fringe and dubious dye job can only be covered by a hat for so long. Not only is the sun making more of an appearance, but no amount of social distancing will disguise those moments of desperation.

None of us could have predicted the situation we are currently facing. Your hair is now in your hands (put those kitchen scissors down). But thankfully, you’re not alone; we’re sharing some key tips to help you maintain your hair over the next few weeks.

Daily tips. Weekly tips. Tips to see you through until you’re in the safety of your hairstylist’s swivel chair once again. We’re here to help.

Let’s start with a routine

Who’ll notice if your hair’s gone past its regular wash day anyway, right? Well, even if no one else notices, you will.

There’s nothing like a regular routine to help you have structure to your days. So, try to wash your hair on your usual wash days using Moisture Enhance Shampoo or Volume Enhance Shampoo, and Moisture Enhance Conditioner or Volume Enhance Conditioner. Your hair will thank you for it!

Once every week, replace conditioner with a Moisture Mask (for those of you with coarse, thick and wiry hair) or Protein Mask (for those of you with finer, weaker hair).

Better yet, take a day to pamper yourself, and turn the mask into a luxurious treatment with our top ‘salon secret’ from Jez Barnett, Creator and Co-Founder of KeraStraight:

“Our Protein Mask and Moisture Mask can be used as a treatment that will repair, rebuild and hydrate your hair. You can use them once a week, leave on for 5-20 minutes and they’ll do a beautiful job. 

“Salon secrets revealed... you can also use these masks as a treatment.

In just 30 minutes you’ll get 30 days of repair, making your hair healthier, stronger, more hydrated and much, much smoother.

“Firstly, shampoo your hair, ideally with KeraStraight Pre-Treatment Cleanser, to gently raise those cuticles and towel dry – no need to comb or brush it through. Because it’s super concentrated, take a small amount of the mask, take a small amount of hair and massage the mask through.

“You’ll find even the most dehydrated hair goes silky very quickly. Once it’s silky, comb it through and move to the next section.

“Once the mask is all worked through, dry it 100% with a hairdryer set to medium heat. It’s important that it’s medium heat as high heat will lift the treatment off, medium heat will cook it in.

“Once it’s dry, rinse it out. And you’ll find your hair silkier, shinier, healthier, smoother and much easier and quicker to manage. It’s going to feel sensational.

“Greater hair, that little bit easier.”

So, DIY doesn’t need to equal disaster after all.

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