The story behind our latest collection · Canvas

KeraStraight has always been a trailblazer in the hairdressing world, and if you’ve seen the stunning images from our latest photographic collection, you’ll see that we’re still pushing boundaries.

The name of the collection, Canvas, was inspired by the way KeraStraight’s ground-breaking protein technologies can transform your hair. KeraStraight is designed to give you hair that is a healthy and beautiful blank canvas on which you can create your dream style – with the help of your hairdresser, of course.

The Canvas collection reflects the incredible versatility that KeraStraight offers – when you start with a healthy foundation, the possibilities are limitless.

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To create the collection, we worked with Tom Connell, artistic director at award-winning salon group, Trevor Sorbie, a stylist known for his beautiful, on-trend work. Tom explains: “With Canvas we wanted to create a collection where each style is achievable for hairdressers and clients alike. We wanted to showcase undone and wearable haircuts.”

Canvas is about real wearable hair – hair that allows the stylist to be creative but is designed with the client in mind. In line with current trends, it’s often about embracing all textures rather than fighting against what the hair wants to do. To embrace texture and movement, hair needs to be in optimum condition, frizz-free, hydrated and nourished.

Says Tom: “I see a pattern of people embracing natural hair and the movement that comes with it. No matter the haircut, we still have optimum condition thanks to KeraStraight, which allows us to create the exact canvas we want, and a finish the client will be able to recreate at home with ease.”

"...condition is paramount. When hair is dry, it gets rebellious..."

Tom Connell - Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

The Canvas collection has been designed to showcase the versatility offered by KeraStraight Treatments and Products. Once hair has been treated to one of our treatments it becomes far more manageable, making it easier for you and your stylist to be flexible with your hairstyle and cut. Working with the range of KeraStraight homecare products, including shampoos, conditioners and nourishing masks, and the extensive KS Style range of styling products, you really can create a blank canvas and create beautiful, easy to manage hair.

Canvas depicts the full spectrum of styles, from the short statement cuts to deliberately undone looks that accentuate natural texture. At the root of all the looks is KeraStraight.

Tom really noticed the importance of a healthy canvas when creating looks using razor cutting: “I soon realised that condition is paramount. When hair is dry, it gets rebellious and won’t react well to the softness and deconstruction of a razor cut,” he says.

Through the Canvas shoot, Tom also wanted to demonstrate that even a strong haircut can be versatile if hair is in good condition and you use the right styling products. “Having a strong, defiant haircut shouldn’t mean you’re stuck in a box until it grows out,” says Tom. “The beauty of creating a bold cut on healthy hair is that it doesn’t have to remain in one style or position to look good.”

Helping to create these diverse looks is the KS Style range and its KS care & protect complex. The complex is a trilogy of heat-activated proteins and advanced polymers that deliver strength & repair, superior heat protection, as well as providing control and movement in the hair.

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Concludes Tom: “It’s essential for me not to create a hairstyle that starts and ends on the photoshoot. I’m cutting hair on a person, not a technique on a model. It’s the same with my clients in the salon – if their hair isn’t in optimum condition for a specific cut, I can’t give them that style. With KeraStraight I can deliver the haircut they want.”