This home keratin treatment will help you fall back in love with your hair

Harsh winter weather, central heating, lockdown meaning it’s been too long since you’ve seen your stylist … it’s not exactly surprising if you’ve fallen out of love with your hair a bit recently. But we’re here to change that.

“To love your hair again, look at the products you need for your hair type”, says Society’s Georgia Bell. “Always select something your hair needs to help you to enjoy your style even more – the best products and a good haircut really can make a difference”.

Well, we can definitely help you out with the first part of Georgia’s advice (great products!) while you wait to get back to the salon for that all-important cut.

Louise Foard, Creative Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden, agrees that “come winter our hair can feel dull, the drizzly weather can cause our hair to frizz and we lose that youthful shine”.

But what’s her secret to combatting the winter frizz?

Meet KeraStraight Protein Mask

This mask will help rebuild the keratin in your hair, adding strength and moisture to create beautifully shiny healthy hair that would be impossible not to fall back in love with” says Louise. And she’s right.

"We developed Protein Mask in 2011 and it still blows me away with how much strength and repair it delivers while leaving hair full and lightweight” says KeraStraight founder, Jez Barnett.

And we’re not the only ones who love it.

Evening Standard Best Top Pick for at-home keratin treatments

That’s right. Naomi May chose KeraStraight Protein Mask as her top pick when it comes to keratin treatments to pamper yourself at home, and it was up against some pretty strong competition. Naomi said:

“The KeraStraight Protein Mask may as well be re-branded as the hair whisperer, for this is a thick and creamy mask that imparts some serious gloss onto parched locks. And boy, does it work. Make it a staple of your hair arsenal and see for yourself.”

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Ah but how does Protein Mask work its keratin magic?

Well, it’s rich in hydrolysed wheat proteins which repair and rebuild your hair from the inside. The protein net it creates transforms your locks, leaving them both significantly stronger and sumptuously softer.

“Whether you use it as a 5-minute mask or dried in as an Intense Boost Treatment (before rinsing), Protein Mask quickly transforms weak and damaged hair", says Jez.

And if your hair is more in need of moisture than protein?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Moisture Mask is the one you’re looking for. To help you understand which mask is right for you, here’s Steven Easton, Creative Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Hampstead:

“Use the KeraStraight Moisture Mask if you’d describe your hair as very thick, frizzy or thirsty. Alternatively, use KeraStraight Protein Mask for hair that’s medium to fine in density and is prone to damage.”

Buy your KeraStraight Protein Mask and fall back in love with your hair today.