Winter hair care tips to take your hat off to

Winter. We’ve got a bit of a love-hate relationship going on haven’t we? Snow days and cosy weekends by the fire are bliss. But when it comes to our hair, the forecast is often not so inspiring. Before you hide your winter locks under a hat until spring, let’s take some time for some seasonal tlc - your hair will thank you for it.

Let it snow (or rain, hail, drizzle . . .)

This damp, chilly season means frizzy hair, right? Well, not necessarily. If your hair is prone to frizz and breakage, keeping it strong and hydrated works wonders whatever the weather. And with winter being the season for ramping up the central heating, making sure your hair gets a good amount of protein and moisture is key to enjoying healthy hair at this time of year.

“With the dampness of the air comes the battle of the frizz – you might leave the house looking good and then 10 minutes later the kinks will appear,” says Brooks and Brooks Artistic Director Sally Brooks. “Ultimate Treatment will help calm the frizz and keep your hair under control.”

Look out for sulphate-free shampoo too. It’s a common ingredient, but can strip your hair of all the good oils, something that it really needs to have around at this time of year.  With its blend of proteins and lightweight conditioning agents Moisture Enhance Shampoo creates a flexible, antistatic finish. It’s got it all going on!

Baby, it’s cold outside

“Face moisturisers and lip balms are obvious things we use more of during the winter months and it’s just as important to look after our hair,” says Sally. “Using styling aids like Rescue Crème will re-engage the hair’s thirst for moisture during the coldest months.”

When the temperature hovers around freezing, leaving the house with wet hair isn’t ideal. You’re more likely to reach for the hair dryer or straighteners at this time of year and that’s okay, as long as you take precautions. A good quality heat protection spray, like Heat Protect will do the trick. This little bit of magic in a bottle shields your hair from any harmful heat effects, locking in moisture while you dry, straighten or curl. It's so lightweight that If it weren't for its gorgeous fragrance you wouldn't even know it was on your hair.

Step away from the hat hair 

You can’t beat a woolly hat for taking the edge off - and protecting your ears. But they often also make your hair stand on end from the static. Not such a good look. Again, adding moisture before donning your winter hat will mean there’s less chance of a hair raising episode later. Give Moisture Mist a go and banish that hat hair look for good.

In fact, the whole KeraStraight Styling range is great for your winter toolkit, as all the products contain Prothermyn, our innovative heat-activated protein technology which builds strength into your hair as you style.

Suddenly, the outlook for that love-hate relationship you had with winter is looking much sunnier.