For a great festival selfie: you need great hair!

Picture this. You’re in your tent at one of the fantastic festivals around the globe. It’s hot and the vibe has you busting your best moves - so you’re just a little bit sweaty and horror of horrors, your hair is hanging limply around your face or frizzing like a sherbet dip after absorbing every drop of moisture. Even worse, there’s a huge queue for the showers and no no hairdryer, straighteners or irons to add volume or tame that unruly frizz. With simple plaits being so 2018, what can you do to look vaguely presentable for the rest of the weekend? This could be the biggest threat to your festival fun!

Social media buzzes at a festival and you have to be part of the parade. Go online and relish the variety of styles on show this year already. Accessories are de rigueur: slides, chains, silk scarfs and rings that elevate every style from simple loose waves through to architectural updo’s but we’re also seeing a return to the super sleek look where the hair is dead straight with an intense shine too. How will you fit in?

Whatever look you choose, it needs to be fabulous and functional. You will be spending all day outside in the scorching sun: you need something very special to cope.

Yet before you give up and put your festival look into the too hard basket, throw the crop top/wellies combo back into the cupboard and hand your ticket to any passing stranger - phone your salon. Book an Ultimate Treatment ahead of your festival adventure, and nourish, smooth and hydrate your hair before you go. The unique protein-based technology in this intensive treatment will make your hair straighter, shiny and manageable - which means that you can throw it into bunches or even go sleek, adding a flower garland for effect and go. No dramas; no unruly curls. Just lots of envious looks and ego-boosting compliments. 

Ultimate Treatment dramatically repairs damage and locks moisture into your hair. Healthy, hydrated hair is far less likely to drink in moisture from the atmosphere so it doesn’t frizz or droop. Instead, it will remain sleek even in the harshest environments. So in every selfie, you can see the shine - and know that you look amazing.

Who doesn’t want ultimate festival hair? 

Ultimate Treatment 

Beware of imitations, ask for it by name