Let Battle Commence: Sun, Sea & Sand vs Your Hair

When looking good in the sun becomes a battle rather than a pleasure, then help is at hand. We can’t dial down the heat but we can help you maintain kickass hair.

Battle #1: Keeping your style in place. Hair quickly becomes unruly as it picks up moisture from the air or from your skin. Humidity attacks your hairline, leaving you with a ball of frizz, and who wants to be using straighteners when you’re already hot and bothered?

Battle #2: Your hair is easily damaged by the sun, chlorine or seawater. These elements break down the natural proteins in your hair, damaging the structure thus allowing further damage over time.

Your secret weapon is found in nature

The hair is mainly composed of keratin, a protein containing five separate elements and multiple amino acids. As the hair is damaged, defects appear in each strand - think of them as tiny holes that need to be repaired.

Your secret weapon is to add low ph proteins back into your hair. They diffuse rapidly into the hair’s cuticle & cortex and react with the natural keratin within the hair. The small molecules found within these proteins fill in the defects, strengthening your hair and protecting it from breakage. 

The low pH levels interrupt the hair's ability to form a curl (or worse, frizz). Aim for around ph2.5 to help your hair to resist humidity, keeping it straighter and smoother.

Keen to go into battle?

We’ve done the hard work for you and prepared armour for your hair! Using our advanced proteins, we’ve created a family of intensive in-salon treatments and home care styling products that beat humidity by locking moisture & strength into your hair.

Our range includes Ultimate Treatment, an in-salon treatment with a pH of 2.5 that radically transforms hair leaving it strong, healthy and humidity resistant for up to four months. Intense Boost - which as the name suggests is a fast-acting, time-saving treatment that takes just 30 minutes and lasts 30 days, and all the maintenance & styling products you will ever need at home, including hair masks and super luxurious shampoos & conditioners.

"One of the many reasons that makes KeraStraight my go-to, is because the products are light and have amazing anti-humidity benefits. This gives me confidence that my clients will be relaxed and looking fabulous as they enjoy the summer."

Bella @ Trevor Sorbie, Richmond

KeraStraight is your chief support in the battle against the elements. Just one application of our specialist treatments will stop the sun’s UV rays from breaking down the protein structure of your hair and withdrawing moisture from your hair cells.

Let us protect your hair whilst you get out there and make the most of the sun...while it lasts.