#SummerMadeEasy with KeraStraight

Summer is our favourite season: with sunshine on the mind, we’re counting down the days until we are carefree on a beach with a cocktail in hand. But we all know that the summer months also mean humidity, moisture-sapping sunshine, and drastically dry hair conditions. The effects are obvious, especially in your salon. Nathan Walker, International Technical Director at Trevor Sorbie has already seen the signs, “The summer hair rush is well and truly on. The increased humidity means the horror of summer hair has begun.”

At KeraStraight, we believe hair troubles should be the last thing on your mind during the summer months. Fuss-free, frizz-free, and fabulous hair should be for everyone —all summer long. #SummerMadeEasy is our solution to your summer hair-mares that will make you look and feel great.

Say goodbye to summer hair sins

You probably know and have experienced some changes in your hair during the summer months, but do you know why they happen?

First off, humidity. It’s an inevitability with scorching temperatures, and all too often the cause of holiday hair problems. Top stylist at Trevor Sorbie Bella, reveals what humidity actually does to your hair, “Hair can become unruly and damaged because it can pick up moisture in the air or from the skin when it's hot or humid. The humidity will immediately attack the hairline, leaving you with a ball of frizz, far from the style you created earlier."

Nathan added, “Humidity effects hair as the hydrogen and oxygen are in the higher amounts when the air is moist, this causes more hydrogen bonds to be formed inside the hair. The result is curls are boosted and for most, the frizz also increases. It’s all down to the hairs' ability to absorb moisture from the air around it, so a super smooth blow-dry quickly turns into frizz or curls. It’s not just the smooth brigade, most hair becomes more difficult to manage as we go from the moist outside air to the super dry AC environments of cars, offices, and even planes.”

Although the sun is something we all crave in the summer months it’s another top culprit which damages your locks. UV rays can break down proteins in your hair, causing the outer layer of our hair to become damaged. That’s why you’re often left with dry, discoloured, brittle, and frizzy hair, with sneaky split ends.

Chlorine and seawater also affect our hair colour and dry it out further. Chlorine strips your hair of natural oils and seawater (with its high salt content) draws moisture from the hair too. So what can you do to protect your precious locks over the summer?

The solution

Nathan offers a solution, “To help protect against this annual trauma we turn to KeraStraight; a KeraStraight treatment prepares the hair for all of the summer's evils. The first effect is to make the hair stronger with added protein, the second is to repair the damage already done. A repaired and stronger head of hair can better cope with the summer. Next is the anti-humectant effect KeraStraight has on the hair. This means the days of sunshine and frizz are over, the hair is more manageable and your blow dry or your curls last longer as the frizz-causing moisture doesn’t get into the hair.” You might be wondering what our  KS Ultimate Treatment is by now. This is our innovative,  straightening, smoothing and repairing semi-permanent treatment, designed to transform your locks in preparation for the summer ahead. Just one application of this salon treatment can transform your hair for up to 4 months to make it effortlessly manageable for the full season. And if you’re still looking for a beachy look, do not fear, KS Ultimate will not leave your hair flat and lifeless, but smooth it out, reduce the curl and make it easier to achieve the style you desire.

Our Brand Manager Lucy Parry. shares her own experience of how KS Ultimate combatted her unmanageable frizz when she moved to Dubai, “Personally I didn’t want to use something that would alter the structure of my curls, completely straighten them, or make my hair flat. I wanted to be able to blow dry, keep volume and stay styled in humid conditions. KS Ultimate was the answer to all my previous hair problems.”

There are also a few other steps you can take to maintain perfect hair all summer long. Firstly, treat yourself a trim before jetting off to warmer locations. This will take care of any split ends that could be aggravated by the heat. Another option for you would be to invest in some UV protectant spray for your hair.  Our own KeraStraight Protect Spray shields your hair against harmful UV rays and from the damaging effects of saltwater and chlorine.

So, there you have it, some of our fabulous KeraStraight secrets for #SummerMadeEasy. If you’re interested in a KS Ultimate treatment for this summer season, find your nearest KeraStraight salon, and be sure to share your perfect hair on social using the #SummerMadeEasy.