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The Sunshine for most of us is long-awaited, especially in the UK. When the sun is shining, it’s easy to ignore the damaging effects of the sun on our hair. And it’s not only the sun that can cause harm. A quick dip in the pool or sea to cool off is amazing in the heat but will expose hair to harmful chlorine or salt water, and we soon see the difference.

The damage may not always be immediately obvious, but if we neglect our hair during the summer months, it can be left severely damaged. When we finally realise the consequences of summertime on our hair, many of us find ourselves needing more cut off that we wanted or having to invest in a course of repairing treatments.

Here are three simple steps that put a stop to hair neglect over the summer season.

Prevention is Better than Cure

KeraStraight Protect keeps hair safe from harm in the summer months. It delivers natural protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays and includes advanced polymers to protect against the harmful effects of saltwater and chlorine.

In The Sunshine

Use Protect on wet or dry hair to easily protect your hair from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. For maximum protection, spray on wet hair and refresh every few hours or when your hair needs a boost (sync with your sun cream to keep it easy).

The amazing lightweight spray leaves hair feeling soft and shiny without any hint of greasy or sticky. It’s designed for all hair types and will help guard against colour fading as well as protecting hair’s health and condition.

In the Pool & Sea

One of the nicest parts of holidaying in the sun is cooling off with a dip in the pool or sea. Unfortunately, what’s so refreshing to us is pretty hazardous to our hair as the chlorine in pools and salt water in sea both strip the health and hydration from our hair. We’ve all been guilty of doing this at some point, whether at a pool party or just going for a leisurely swim, it is not something we think about often. Swimming, of course, is associated with health… just not for our hair.

Think of dry hair like a sponge. When we expose our hair to the sea or pool, our hair absorbs this salt of chlorinated water. This effect means that the harmful chemicals and salt is absorbed into our hair instantly, drying it out and stripping the health.

To prevent this sponge effect, wet your hair with fresh water and apply Protect before taking a dip. This way your hair has a double protective layer of fresh water and Protect that ensures it stays healthy and nothing dampens our summer fun! Rinsing off any excess chemicals or salt after being in the water, and shampooing at the end of the day will ensure your hair stays healthy.

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