8 Top Pro Tips for a #SummerMadeEasy

Summer hair

From sun damage to struggles with humidity to summertime frizz, we’re all very familiar with the challenges our clients face with the arrival of summer. Every hairdresser has heard, “My hair hates this weather”, but now the best hairdressers have a solution.

Nathan Walker, International Technical Director at our Brand Ambassador Trevor Sorbie has seen the difference in their salons when it comes to the summer months, “Our stylists confidently recommend KeraStraight and there's a higher demand at this time of year. For a typical client, the strengthening and repair features are a huge benefit to prepare the hair for the summer season and holidays, couple this with the control and manageability and you have a winning combo to ensure you’re not the one suffering from holiday hair blues. In short #SummerMadeEasy”

We’re using this hashtag all over our social media, and want to feature our community of talented professionals all showing how KeraStraight really is the ultimate answer, providing clients with quick and easy to manage healthy hair. To get involved in our international campaign and to maximise the opportunity for your business, we have a few top tips from our founder Jez Barnett on how to make the most of #SummerMadeEasy in your salon.

1 · Get Your Whole Team Involved

Have a team meeting to discuss how many clients would really benefit and the best ways to communicate with them. Explain all the different benefits so the team understand they can apply to almost every client. Summer is all about holidays, heat and humidity which is often a nightmare for clients with difficult to manage and dry/damaged hair.

2 · Share Your Success

Post your transformations with @kerastraight and #SummerMadeEasy on Facebook or Instagram. You can even ask clients to send in their holiday snaps with their frizz-free hair.

3 · Create Swishing Boomerangs

A moving picture really does say it all. We love boomerangs which show hair health and the natural softness the hair has post-KS Ultimate. But still, make sure you add a caption to explain the image and a call to action to ask in salons about the treatment.

4 · Create a #SummerMadeEasy Display

Whether it’s a window, merchandise, retail shelves, or using our #SummerMadeEasy mirror stickers, promote KeraStraight all over your salon.

5 · Get Writing

Why not try writing a blog post for your website or a series of social media posts about the major differences KeraStraight makes to the hair. You can list the benefits or ask some of your previous KeraStraight clients to give their views.

6 · Ask Your Clients to Post Reviews

Independent testimonials speak more authentically than any other way of communicating.

7 · Try Out the Treatment

Ensure your team are enjoying the benefits themselves. Offer KS Ultimates to your team or an Intense Boost so they can talk authentically about the difference KeraStraight makes for them. They are your walking adverts, on hand to share their great experiences all day, every day.

8 · Some Healthy Competition

Create an incentive for the team member who has the most impact. This may be the hairdresser who treats the most clients to #SummerMadeEasy with KeraStraight or it could be a team member who passionately promotes the benefits and helps the business get the message across most effectively. This may be through amazing displays, social media, from the backwash or reception.

For more information on #SummerMadeEasy get in touch with one of our team, or use our hashtag to share your KS Ultimate transformations.