Consultation - the Key to Business Growth

The Consultation

We’re big believers in the power of the consultation. Every client entering a salon, whether it’s their first visit, or their 100th, should experience a thorough consultation with their stylist. It’s such an integral part of true salon service, how else will a hairdresser understand what’s most important to their client?

The consultation is also the time for stylists to show their expertise and their knowledge of the products and services their salon offers. So, with KeraStraight’s KS Ultimate treatment, for example, a stylist could explain about the protein-based technology and how a treatment can repair, hydrate and strengthen hair, leaving its full of shine, health and easy to manage for up to four months.

Says Jez Barnett, founder of KeraStraight: “Our own research has revealed that most clients (82%) haven’t heard of Brazilian keratin treatment or Brazilian blow-dry.  This suggests that stylists just aren’t talking about the benefits of these treatments during a consultation. Clients rely on the knowledge and expertise of their stylist to keep them informed about new developments in products and services and to guide them as to how to look after their hair at home - the consultation, which can be ongoing throughout the whole appointment, is the time to do this. We suggest starting the consultation with every new client with the phrase "tell me about your hair". This will encourage the client to disclose all their hair concerns and open the door for the stylist to suggest the solutions. For return clients, a simple adaption to "tell me, how’s your hair been?" achieves the same result.”

The potential to grow the keratin treatment market is huge, and if the keratin treatment market grows so will your businesses.

Based on other recent research, there is a wide disparity between a client’s and a stylist’s understanding of a consultation. While 97% of hairdressers say they carry out a consultation, just 7% of clients feel they’ve had one.*

Says Jez: “This figure suggests that clients actually want more information and that, perhaps, hairdressers are holding back too much in terms of the advice they give. Many stylists are afraid of coming across as pushy and giving their clients the hard sell, particularly when it comes to homecare, but our research shows that 55% of clients would actually like more advice on what products to buy to care for their hair at home.”

Concludes Jez. “Both our research and other industry polls suggest the potential to grow the keratin treatment market is huge, and if the keratin treatment market grows so will your businesses. At KeraStraight we pride ourselves on working with our salons as business partners, giving hairdressers the products, treatments and the support they need to fully realise the potential of keratin treatments. With 70% of clients expecting to spend the same or more in 2018, it’s a great time to open up those conversations and give clients their best ever hair.”

What Clients Want

Our own research reveals:

  • 35% of women say humidity is a problem for their hair
  • 33% of women want longer hair
  • 55% of clients want more homecare advice from their hairdresser
  • 80% of clients say the backwash is the best part of the service they receive from a salon.