Our Salons

We work with the best salons in the world, staffed with the most passionate and dedicated stylists and technicians. These salons offer our award-winning treatments and products to deliver ‘best ever’ hair for their clients. We’re thrilled to work so closely with our amazing Ambassador salons and with so many hairdressers who deliver their stunning transformations every day.

KeraStraight Total Concept Salons

"Total Concept" salons offer the full KeraStraight experience: from consultation and treatment transformations to aftercare. These are the salons where you’ll find qualified KeraStraight experts who have devoted their time to learn all there is to know about our treatments and products, to help you discover the treatment that is best suited for you. Whether it’s the full KS Ultimate, Intense Boost, or advising on the best hair care products, they’ll ensure that you can unleash your hair’s maximum potential. Here, you can immerse yourself in our full range of award-winning products: shampoo, conditioner, styling, masks, and Ultimate oil. Discover their talents on their social media feeds, where you can uncover what KeraStraight can do for you and your hair.

“Since becoming a KeraStraight Total Concept Salon our smoothing service has gone from a small periphery service to a major contributor to the success of the salon. Clients, delighted with the results always re-book and the homecare and style products are very popular with our team and clients alike. All the KeraStraight services are now listed on our price guide alongside colour."

Charles Dodds - CRC Company Director

Ambassador Salons

Our ambassador partners are an integral part of our KeraStraight family, playing key roles in the development of our products and our ever-evolving image. The relationships are ones of mutual respect, with the desire to help each other grow. These world-leading experts are true KeraStraight advocates, using our products and treatments to deliver the highest standards and stunning results. We work with them hand in hand to create innovative images and concepts which not only highlight the versatility of KeraStraight but their incredible talents too.

“We want to be associated with the best of the best and we feel that KeraStraight is one of those like-minded, forward thinking companies.”

Trevor Sorbie MBE - KeraStraight Global Ambassador