Big Business

Big Business

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Treat your customers to our two fabulous in-salon services!

If you’re looking for a pack that gives you what you need to offer both Ultimate Treatment and Intense Boost at your salon, this is for you! We’ve even included a few bits to help you along with the retail side of things, from our aftercare shampoos and conditioners to our super-luxurious masks. Your clients will love the difference KeraStraight makes to their hair!

The Big Business Pack contains the following for use in-salon:

Everything you need for the Ultimate Treatment service (500ml Ultimate Treatment, 100ml Ultimate Booster, 500ml Moisture Lock, 500ml Pre-Treatment Cleanser, 200ml Pre-Treatment Spray Plus, Titanium iron 1.5 and Easy Comb)

Our aftercare range of shampoos and conditioners for you to use when clients come for their next visit after a KeraStraight service (500ml each of Volume Enhance Shampoo, Volume Enhance Conditioner and Moisture Enhance Conditioner. Moisture Enhance Shampoo 500ml is out of stock so we will send you 2 x 250ml)

The extra products you need to offer our Intense Boost service (500ml Protein Mask and 500ml Moisture Mask)


For retail:

6 x 250ml Volume Enhance Shampoo
6 x 250ml Volume Enhance Conditioner
6 x 250ml Moisture Enhance Shampoo
6 x 250ml Moisture Enhance Conditioner
6 x 100ml Protein Mask
6 x 100ml Moisture Mask

And included free of charge:

A taster of our Style range to use in-salon (1 x 100ml each of Ultimate Oil, Texture Crème and Rescue Crème, and 1 x 200ml each of Root Boost, Moisture Mist and Heat Protect)

Accessories (pack of 2 ear protectors, pack of 2 shark clips, bowl and brush, pack of 3 carbon combs, KeraStraight gown and Ultimate Treatment Step-by-Step)

Materials to support your marketing (pack of 25 client brochures, pack of 10 client aftercare cards, 12 retail bags and Canvas Point of Sale Pack)