Style Pack

Style Pack

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For those who like to style it out and treat their hair all at the same time!

Our styling products are pretty incredible, even if we do say so ourselves. You’ll get one of each product to use in salon, plus six more to add to your retail offer. The products include our award-winning Ultimate Oil which blends nine carefully-selected premium oils your hair will love, as well as our Style range, which harness our innovative heat-activated protein technology, Prothermyn, building strength into the hair as you style!

The Style Pack contains

For retail:

6 x 100ml Ultimate Oil
6 x 100ml Texture Crème
6 x 100ml Rescue Crème
6 x 200ml Root Boost
6 x 200ml Moisture Mist
6 x 200ml Heat Protect

And included free of charge:

Our Style range for use in-salon (1 x 100ml each of Ultimate Oil, Texture Crème and Rescue Crème, and 1 x 200ml each of Root Boost, Moisture Mist and Heat Protect)