One Cut · Unlimited Ways To Wear It

One cut and unlimited ways to wear it; this trend rang true throughout our Canvas collection which debuted this October.

Having a strong, defiant hair cut doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a box until it grows out and you can start again.

Throughout the collection the Trevor Sorbie Art Team demonstrated super bold cuts on smooth, damage-free hair, to show off strong angles and intricate details.

The beauty of creating a bold cut on healthy hair means it doesn’t have to remain in one style or position to look good, adding texture utilising KS Style is easy.

One Cut Two Ways

At the foundation of our KS Style range is our ‘KS Care & Protect Complex’. This is a trilogy of heat-activated proteins and advanced polymers that deliver superior heat protection. These can be mixed to drastically change the hair’s movement, texture and style. Proteins expand in the hair with heat to build strength and flexibility, each product is lightweight which makes them perfect to use in many different combinations creating a new style every time.

For shorter cuts, such as the styles showcased in CANVAS, Glossing Texture Creme is the most creative product. The magic happens when used on dry hair and then heated with a hairdryer; the hair gets stronger and more malleable which presents endless styling possibilities. It’s also great for both curly and straight looks to create strength, texture and hold which can be rework as much as you like, wherever you are.