B in the City - Birmingham

A Smooth Service 

Located in the heart of Birmingham’s busy city centre, B in the City offers ‘high style - low maintenance’ treatments to guys and girls. Welcomed into a chilled environment, busy clients can unwind and let the stylists work their magic.

“The client is at the centre of everything we do,” explains owner Josie O’Sullivan. “Client satisfaction, providing excellent services and using only the very best products available on the market is fundamental to our ethos.”

The unique selling point that gives Josie’s salon the edge over the competition is their multicultural appeal. With clients from all over the world, the team works with all types of European, Afro-Caribbean and mixed-race hair.

“My stylists love every single treatment and product: clients love it and I love the huge impact it has made on my business. I asked a client what she liked about KeraStraight, she said, Everything. It has changed my life!” Josie O’Sullivan, Owner

A true source of inspiration 

Are you keen to introduce the transformational treatments and products into your salon? Then relax and enjoy the experience just as your clients will. You’ll receive ongoing support to ensure it is enjoyable and inspiring.

An exciting hands-on training session will explain how the innovative team behind the treatments combined nature, science and a dash of obsession to create award-winning treatments and styling products, which will leave everyone in love with the outstanding benefits and raring to try out each and every single product. Regular, ongoing training sessions will be a constant source of inspiration - and a time to learn about the many, regular new innovations.

“Stylists love being able to transform a client’s unruly or damaged hair.” 

 “My favourite treatment and consistent bestseller? The Ultimate Treatment, of course, it’s amazing! Yet, my amazing stylist, Heather, cannot choose between the Intense Boost treatment, Ultimate Oil or Rescue Cream. She can’t pick one as they are all so good!”

Josie has been impressed with the dramatic effect of Ultimate Treatment on her business too. “Without any doubt, it has created new business for our salon,” she said. “The styling products and Ultimate Oil have led to more treatment consultations and more sales. It’s a win-win for us and for our clients.”