Award Winning Ultimate Oil

Ultimately loved by all hair

Can we talk about shiny, healthy hair? Yes? Great.

Now, we’re not ones to harp on about our accolades, but when you win an award as esteemed as the Hair Magazine’s HAIR Awards (think BAFTAs of the hairdressing industry – pretty revered, wouldn’t you say?!), well, we can’t help but stop and harp on…just a bit. 

But what’s that got to do with shiny, healthy hair you might be wondering?

Well, it’s got everything to do with shiny, healthy hair. In fact, it’s why we won; Ultimate Oil won Best Afro Hair Oil for its ability to love and hydrate hair, all hair. Straight, curly, coily and kinky, your hair will be loved. 

“We're thrilled to win this award for Ultimate Oil. It's such a fantastic product that adapts to each and every hair type.”

Jez Barnett, KeraStraight Founder

Do you remember the days when shiny hair would evoke visions (or worse) of greasy, limp and weighed-down hair? Or, on the other hand, the lack of shine would mean dry and brittle?

It’s safe to say, shiny hair can sometimes seem quite elusive; reserved and attained only by celebs. Their soft, healthy, mirror-like tresses playing a leading role with every flick, toss and over-the-shoulder smize as they walk a red carpet.

Isn’t that what we all want for our hair? For it to play a leading role, red carpet or not?

But how do we attain that which seems so elusive? Get that healthy hair which is more shiny, less greasy? More hydrated, less parched? More centre stage, less understudy? It would take a lot, right? Well, actually it takes 9 specially-selected premium oils blended together for one Ultimate (ahem, award-winning) Oil. 

Ultimate Oil by KeraStraight is so popular with our team and clients, who love its lightweight nature and the way it adapts to every client. We stock the most well-known oils and Ultimate Oil outsells them all.”

Nathan Walker - International Technical Director, Trevor Sorbie

Whether you're looking for a remedy for frizz, heat damage, split ends, or over-processed hair, all the oils you need for shiny, soft hair are found in Ultimate Oil.

With each different hair type drawing upon the benefits it most needs, Ultimate Oil is loved by every, (yes, we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again) every hair type. From afro to straight, and everything in between.

"KeraStraight Ultimate Oil is ideal for using on both wet and dry hair, it delivers maximum moisture without excessive grease and weight, leaving the hair fully hydrated, weightless and shiny."

Michelle Thompson, Afro Hairdresser of the Year 2009, 2015 and 2018

With afro hair, oil plays a pivotal role in the hair care routine.

Whether or not you’re embracing your natural curls, coils or kinks, afro hair – in all its glorious textures - requires premium products to keep hair flourishing. Oils that penetrate hair and lock in moisture are the key, especially as breakage is something all afro hair textures can experience.

So, what’s in KeraStraight Ultimate Oil? And what makes it the Best Afro Hair Oil?

Say hello to argan oil and coconut oil; the prefect duo for replenishing and nourishing. They both penetrate hair to help rebuild strength and health.

Popular for a reason are jojoba oil (pronounced: hoh-hoh-buh) and avocado oil, this combination promotes lightweight moisture. They seal in moisture; reviving weak and damaged hair, without weighing it down.

What about the shine? Make way for macadamia oil and olive oil – they’re like the originals in moisture and are not to be overlooked. They both seal and shine; locking in moisture, helping to eliminate frizz.

Finally, linseed oil, sunflower oil and wheat germ oil bring the strength and fullness.

KeraStraight Ultimate Oil is one of my favourites. It nourishes, smooths frizz, combats static and is really light.  It gives polished shine to the hair.

It’s great for mixing with curl creams too."

Johanna Cree-Brown - Creative Director, Special Projects

We guess it’s the perfect shine-boosting-multi-tasker.

OK, we’ll stop harping on now. Instead, we’ll just let Award-Winning Ultimate Oil help you attain what once felt quite elusive; shiny – not greasy – healthy hair.