Back to the gym? Keep your hair in shape, too…

Ready, set, go – gyms are finally open again! We’ve got all the tips you need for healthy, gorgeous hair before, during and after your workout.

Before you hit the gym

Like so many things in life, getting the preparation right is key!

If you’re planning a workout, the chances are you’ll want to keep as cool as possible while you exercise. The answer? Choose a hairstyle that keeps your hair away from your face, neckline and nape of your neck. Ponytails, buns and braids all work really well! As a bonus, these styles also keep your hair away from sweat as much as possible.

And if your hair’s feeling a bit dry, over-processed or in need of a pick-me-up? Why not take the opportunity to treat your locks while you work up a sweat? After all, nobody’s going to judge your hair while you’re on the cross trainer…

“This is a perfect time to pop some KeraStraight Rescue Crème through the mid lengths and ends and tie your hair back while you work out, to repair and hydrate your hair”, says Louise Foard, Creative Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden.

Don’t have any Rescue Crème? No need to panic. Steven Easton of Trevor Sorbie Hampstead has you covered.

“If you’re going to be washing your hair after your workout then Ultimate Oil is great to feed in the ends as a pre shampoo prime”, he says. “It also coats the hair to make that messy bun a bit less messy.” Bonus!

And Gerald Smith at Trevor Sorbie’s Bristol salon is a big fan of Ultimate Oil, too, likening it to “a treatment before washing which also helps to break the natural oils down created from the gym when washing”. He also points out that it’ll help to minimise the amount of salty sweat absorbed into your hair, which can only be a good thing for your post-workout routine. Speaking of which…

After your workout

With all that prep, looking after your hair once you’ve finished exercising shouldn’t be too much of a drama.

“Post-workout, once you’ve showered and washed your hair you can then use either KeraStraight Moisture Mask or Protein Mask (depending on your hair)” suggests Louise. “Run the mask through mid lengths and ends on towel dried hair comb away excess and leave treatment in the hair on your way home.” We’re loving her time-saving tips!

And Steven’s big recommendation for your hair after you finish at the gym? Moisture Mist.

“Moisture Mist is a great detangler in wet hair pre or post shampoo”, he says. “In my opinion it’s the best detangler out there – a gym bag must!” High praise indeed!

Want to make gym life even easier on your hair?

Indulge your locks with a KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment. The effects last for up to four months, and will help guard against the gym environment and all the stresses it can put on your hair (think air conditioning, sweat and frizz).

“KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment strengthens, adds moisture and reduces frizz”, says Zak Twohig, member of the Trevor Sorbie artistic team and Technical Director at their Covent Garden salon. “It also makes your hair much quicker and easier to dry so you'll have some extra time for a few more sets. It's perfect for hair on the go, maximum results with minimal effort”.

KeraStraight’s anti-humidity action will prevent moisture from entering the hair shaft, meaning less frizz and more smooth, even when you’re working out. It’ll also make your post-workout routine hassle-free, cutting down on blow-dry time and making sure you get the result you want, every time.