Healthy growth: Britain's hair industry is booming

For many since Brexit, there has been an air of uncertainty surrounding their current state and position in the UK’s economy. Fortunately for the hairdressing industry, this hasn’t been the case. Here at KeraStraight, we love celebrating the hair industry’s success. So without further ado, here’s all you need to know about Britain's booming hair industry.

The facts

The industry certainly has expansion on its mind, with almost all of the UK’s salons planning on increasing or maintaining their current workforce in the next 12 months. This equals to an impressive 16,738 new roles in the industry.

The report further uncovered some fantastic results for UK’s hairdressing apprentices, with over half of our hair and beauty businesses planning to hire one. This will bring forth 31,188 apprentice positions to our economy this year. This increase in staffing and apprenticeship schemes comes off the back of a very successful year for the hairdressing industry. The report also revealed that 86% of hair and beauty professionals believed that 2016 was a great year for their business. With around 40% of salons registering a rise in turnover and a rise in new customers!

Positive vibes

Positivity is at an all time high in salons and amongst hairdressers, with the report stating that 64% of hairdressing professionals are feeling more confident about their business prospects compared to last year. But are you from one of the most positive regions? This positivity and optimism are said to be felt the strongest in the West and East Midlands, the North West and Northern Ireland.

Optimism and positivity aren't the only things that are growing across the UK. We’re spending more on our appearances despite prices being on the rise. It has been revealed that the average woman spends around £994 per year, an increase of £118 from 2016. And this is mirrored by the lads, spending £779 on average, again £68 up.

This can only mean great things for the hairdressing world and we look forward to welcoming new individuals and customers into the industry with open arms. If you’re new to KeraStraight and would like to learn more about us, check out our learning hub to keep up to date with our latest innovative treatments and professional products. Or, if you are looking to keep up with the latest hair trends or want to find out how KeraStraight can transform your hair, explore our blog.