Loving the Island’s lovers? We simply love their hair!

There is one Island that's always entrancing the nation But it’s not the couple’s shenanigans that have grabbed our interest, rather it’s the Islanders’ hairstyles. From disco-locks to beach hair buns and glitter beards, Molly-Mae’s unicorn bun to the ubiquitous sleek, glossy, straightened locks; the hairstyles are every bit as interesting to us as the breakups, the makeups and the sleepovers.

That the Islanders love their hair is indisputable but what is so great, is that you too can rock these looks - whether you’re going on a night out, finding summer lovin’ at the beach, or simply hanging with friends. You just need a little help from our family of intensive in-salon treatments and home care styling products that build shiny, strong locks - in fact, we’d go as far as saying that they will completely transform your hair and blow your mind - just like when Ovie flexes those muscles! 

Your hair will love being repaired and rebuilt.

Take the poker-straight, glossy look that Molly-Mae absolutely nails every time: perfect for a night out. This one can be achieved by using a paddle brush, Heat Protect, Ultimate Oil, straighteners and a light hold hairspray, but for shiny, straight hair for as long as four months, we recommend Ultimate Treatment. Visit your nearest salon for this tailored treatment that is adapted to suit your hair type (whatever hair type maybe!). Repair and strengthen, smooth & straighten - leave your hair soft, silky and resistant to all that summer humidity and frizz. 

Ultimate Treatment is also great for protecting your hair from the sun or the heat from styling. The sun’s UV rays break down the protein structure of hair and also draws moisture from your hair cells. This combination damages the hair’s outer layer leaving it looking dry, frizzy and coarse. When your hair is protected ahead of hitting the sunshine, you'll stay looking sleek and groomed all holiday - indeed, all summer.

“For anyone with erratic, antagonistic, frustrating hair, it’s the beauty equivalent of an IV Valium drip”

Alice Du Parq, Contributing Editor Glamour

Lucie’s curls love to hydrate 

It’s clear that Lucie, and her admirers, love the beach bum look - check out her Instagram for images of her salty, surfer chick curls. If you plan to take to the water this summer, make sure your hair is pre-packed with moisture - and top it up daily. 

You can add the salt spray to get the beach curl look - but it works so much better on healthy hair. Enjoy our Ultimate or Intense Boost salon treatments that lock in moisture then choose a moisture-enhancing shampoo and conditioner that uses a blend of proteins to revitalise hair that’s dry and damaged by salty seawater. Indulge in a weekly moisture mask that nourishes hair with a highly concentrated treatment packed with moisture-capturing ingredients to repair any sun damage and rehydrate each strand. 

The secret is out. Thanks to Wes, Islander ‘18, we know that the girls, and guys, can leave the villa every couple of weeks to get their hair and nails done - that’s how they always look so groomed and together. But they work hard between times to keep polished - not everyone dries their hair by shaking their head from side to side (thanks for that chuckle, Michael!)

There is clearly a range of hydrating products used to keep the hair shining bright on the screen.  You too can care, nourish and hydrate your hair whilst living on an island, albeit with a healthy luggage allowance to shift your favourite products with you. Choose the divinely-fragranced Ultimate Oil that is blended from 9 specially-selected, premium oils that simply love hair. Use sparingly to tame and smooth: perfect to create luxurious frizz-free, shiny hair. 

Or revitalise your hair with Moisture Mist. A gentle hydrating spray that protects from the heat and gives you a gentle hold at the same time. Perfect to enhance either curly or straight hair. 

“These products are well worth every penny...they give me that extra little boost of moisture my hair needs.”

Ellen Brockbank, What Ellen Wears