Sanrizz, Sanrizz, Sanrizz

Our KeraStraight team, accompanied by Afro-Caribbean hair specialist, Brenda Charlemagne, headed down to the Sanrizz Academy last month. Their mission was to share KeraStraight love to an audience dying to know how this product could revolutionise the Afro-Caribbean hair world!

Clients long for ‘Gorgeous Made Easy’, KeraStraight has the go-to treatments and product range that allows hairdressers to deliver just that for their mixed race and Afro-Caribbean appointments.

Brenda and Jez Barnett (KeraStraight founder) spent the day taking a room full of intrigue visitors through detailed step by steps, product demonstrations and answering every question from the audience.

Jez at Sanrizz for KeraStraight Training Day

Brenda summed up her thoughts on KeraStraight in the Afro-Caribbean market when she said,

As KeraStraight has developed treatments and products over the years, they now deliver greater straightening and repair on the most resistant hair types including Afro-Caribbean. Traditionally, the focus of Keratin services was not the Afro-Caribbean market. More clients now want to move away from chemical straightening services so we showcase how KeraStraight treatments and products can be fantastic for Afro-Caribbean hair.

Brenda Charlemagne

The message that hit home KeraStraight’s excellence and it’s ability to fill an enormous gap in the industry came from Jez.

With KeraStraight, it’s possible to embrace natural hair across a full range of mixed race and Afro-Caribbean hair types while still having the best of both worlds; curly or straight when you want it. KeraStraight’s extensive aftercare gives each and every client the result they want and need.

Jez Barnett

The treatments and aftercare products work with stunning results across the whole spectrum from European to Afro-Caribbean hair. With clients moving away from aggressive and damaging chemical straightening services, KeraStraight offers a new option leaving the hair more manageable than ever.

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Show images by Natalie at Beauty Pulse London