Save Time for Your Hair

Time is an issue for just about everyone these days and hair can often get neglected when other factors take over. Who has time to spend looking after their hair when they have a full-time job, maybe a family and a social life to think about? At KeraStraight we understand that your time is precious but that you still want to start and finish your day with healthy, fabulous looking hair.

Create Healthy Foundations

For your hair to work with you rather than against you, you need to create a healthy foundation. Healthy, nourished and hydrated hair will be much easier to manage, which is vital when you’re trying to get yourself ready for work in the morning while dealing with everything else the day brings. A great foundation for any hair routine is our Ultimate Treatment. The effects of this salon-only treatment last up to four months, infusing your hair with health and vitality and making it easier to control, saving you valuable time.

Help with Morning Mayhem

Mornings are often the most stressful time of the day. Whether you’re juggling getting the kids ready for school, with getting yourself ready for work, or just struggling to give your hair the time it needs without getting up at the crack of dawn. If your hair has already benefited from the Ultimate Treatment, you’re halfway there. With hair less prone to frizz or getting knotted, your morning hair routine will be a lot quicker and less stressful.

With KeraStraight you can also arm yourself with a range of homecare products that will help the morning mayhem seem less hectic and keep your hair looking great all day, no matter what your busy lifestyle throws at it. All our homecare products are designed to deliver nourishment and hydration without weighing hair down, thanks to their sulphate and salt-free formulations.

During a normal day, your hair will pick up a host of nasty aggressors, whether its traffic fumes, dust and grime from a train journey or a range of other airborne pollutants, so the first step to making it look fabulous again is to shampoo and condition it. All our shampoos and conditioners contain our KS Complex, a blend of African and Amazonian fruit and plant extracts that protect against environmental stresses to ensure your hair remains smooth, shiny and under control whatever your day has in store.

Give your hair some extra love by creating your desired look with one of our KS Style products. As well as giving you an on-trend style that will survive the ravages of the day, every product in our KS Style range contains heat-activated proteins which help repair your hair and maintain a healthy lustre right through to the evening. 

Be Prepared

To make hair even more manageable in the morning, treat it to a mask the evening before. Depending on your hair’s specific needs, KeraStraight offers masks that will repair and reconstruct your hair leaving it stronger, but soft to the touch, plus moisturised and shining with health. Choose between our Protein Mask, which delivers strength and softness, or our Moisture Mask, which hydrate hair without weighing it down. Whichever mask you choose, when morning arrives your hair will feel renewed and will be much easier to manage – what better way to start the day!

Style it Out

And if you’re heading straight from the office for a night out, KeraStraight has that covered too. Carry some Moisture Mist in your handbag to give your hair a spritz at the end of the day – it’s the perfect lightweight styling product to give your hair some hydration and hold whatever you have planned for the evening.

Another hero product for your handbag is our Ultimate Oil, a blend of 9 expertly selected oils designed to deliver hydration, nourishment and shine. It’s easy to reapply, and its beautiful fragrance will deliver you a feel-good factor that lasts all day.