The KeraStraight Guide to Gorgeous Festival Hair

The festival season is here! Come rain or shine, thousands of happy-go-lucky music fans are packing rucksacks and donning wellies. If here’s one thing you don’t want to do at a festival, it's worry about your hair.

Fear not! We’ve pulled together the very best KeraStraight festival tips to keep your locks luscious from dusk until dawn as you party away. Enjoy!

Tame your mane beforehand

Going natural will make your hair easier to manage during a festival. If your hair is naturally curly, it may be best to avoid straightening your hair before you go. Instead, use KeraStraight Glossing Texture Crème - the unique formulation will add shine, remove frizz and create stunning texture on any style. Apply to pre-shampooed and towel dried hair before styling for silky softness or apply after blow-drying to enhance your hair's texture and shine.

KeraStraight Glossing Texture Crème also builds strength and - as it’s dried in - can be heated up again to reactivate the hold and texture.

If you’re all about volume, KeraStraight’s unique Root Lift Gel Spray formula will help you maintain incredible body and strength all festival long. Suitable for any style, apply it to towel dried hair by spraying close for maximum effect or from 6 inches for a lighter feel. Comb the spray through and style your hair as normal. The hold will build as it dries. Prepare to be wowed by the superb hold and support. Even if you are faced with a festival downpour, your hair will never go sticky.

Also, don’t forget to pack a bottle of KeraStraight Protect, our lightweight two-in-one spray designed to safeguard your hair from harmful UV rays and the negative effects of saltwater and chlorine.

Styling your locks so you’re ready to rock

Don’t let your lack of hair straighteners or curling tongs spoil your fun - there are dozens of hair hacks and styling tips to help even the most unmanageable of hair types survive a festival.

Greasy roots and dry tips are one of the most frequent festival hair problems. The solution? Braid and accessorise! Braiding hair is one of the simplest and most striking ways to keep those stray hairs from your face and can be accessorised with a floral headband or stylish hat.

Fishtail braids are one of the hottest festival styles this year - try it yourself with this easy how-to video from Kristin and Lauren at the Hair Department. Shorter hair can also benefit from braiding at festivals - use plenty of grips to braid and pin back your bangs.

Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend at a festival. Available in a range of bottle sizes and fragrances, dry shampoo is easy to apply. Simply spray it onto the roots of your hair, massage it in and comb it through - a must at any festival.

Post-festivity hair recovery

Whether you were partying in the sunshine or dancing in the rain, it’s likely that your hair will need a little TLC once the festival is over.

KeraStraight Moisture Mask is rich in nutrients and helps repair and rehydrate dry and damaged hair. Simply apply a small amount to shampooed and towel dried hair, comb through and leave on your hair for 5 minutes. Packed with lightweight moisture-capturing ingredients including Palmeira Tucuma and Carob Bean Extract, our Moisture Mask is guaranteed to leaving your post-festival hair sumptuously soft with a renewed sensational shine.

For additional nourishment, repair, hydration and shine, KeraStraight Ultimate Oil is a gorgeous blend of 9 specially chosen oils that targets four vital areas for hair. A lightweight formula suitable for any hair type, Ultimate Oil can tame flyaway hair, and leave it feeling ultra-smooth, shiny and frizz free. Apply it to washed or dry hair, and let the results speak for themselves.

Where can I buy KeraStraight’s products?

You can purchase KeraStraight’s products on and in salons around the world. Enjoy your summer everybody!