Ultimate Hair for the Ultimate Summer Wedding

The wedding is in August. Hot, humid August - what on earth is going on with the weather this year? I know that to look even vaguely presentable in the wedding photos, I need to combat the humidity - and if the long range forecast is to be believed, a combination of hot sun followed by potential rain. An updo would be a safe bet - except that the bride has chosen to follow one of the key 2019 bridal trends for sleek, glossy, simple hair; and the bridal party is expected to follow suit. We will look amazing and truly Instagram-friendly and it’s a style that suits us all. But my mop is prone to frizz in humid conditions. If I’m to ensure that I look as good at the reception as during the ceremony, I need to take serious advance action.  

“Amongst this year’s trend for braids, floral crowns and ponytails, sleek, simple bridal hair is en vogue in 2019. The no-fuss simplicity can be paired with a statement lip to show real style for fashion-conscious brides.”

After consulting with my hairdresser, I’m introduced to KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment. I get that this is a Keratin straightening treatment but with the wedding still four weeks away, aren’t we meeting a little bit prematurely? My stylist reassures me that we could have met three months ago and I would still see and feel the benefits. This is a tailored treatment designed especially for your hair type (whatever type that is - it suits everyone from Afro to Asian and all continents in between) and it repairs hair leaving it smoothed and straightened, with moisture lock-in.

After a couple of relaxing hours in the chair, I walk out feeling mega chic. Think of the sheen you see on the hair of those slinky catwalk models. That’s how my hair looks. I get admiring comments galore when I head back to work - I feel amazing. Groomed. Loved. I spend the next few weeks floating on air. My hair stays smooth and it’s so easy-to-manage, taking far less time to dry and I don’t need the hair straighteners either! The compliments continue to flow despite the passing time. This is a treatment that has turbo-charged my confidence and revolutionised my morning routine!

Fast forward to the wedding day. By this time, the whole of the wedding party - bride, bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride - had also visited a salon, enjoying the Ultimate experience as much as I had. The wedding morning preparation go so easily that there was time for that extra glass of bubbles - to calm the nerves of course - and a few extra selfies with the girls.

We rocked the wedding, feeling one million dollars for the whole day. The sun shone, the humidity levels rose (the rain stayed away), we laughed and danced, and thoroughly made the most of the celebrations ;) but our hair remained glossy, smooth and oh-so-sophisticated. No frizz. No fly-away strands. No hair disasters. 

Now it’s time for the honeymoon. We created a “honeymoon” pack as a parting gift for the bride. In amongst the “treats” was a travel pack containing travel-sized bottles of the sodium chloride and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner that maximise the longevity and performance of the Ultimate Treatment. We also threw in a Moisture Mask - a concentrated home treatment that keeps hair hydrated, shining and protected from the damaging effects of the sea, sun and sand. Now she can shine on her honeymoon without needing to spend hours on her hair. Plenty of time for honeymoon fun!

If a wedding invitation is part of your plans this summer, book your Ultimate Treatment today - it will last you all summer and set you up for the big day. Remember that when you have a nourished canvas of healthy hair you have greater choice about the look you want to wear - and your hair is easier to style and easier to manage.