What is Intense Boost?

What is Intense Boost?

Intense Boost is an in-salon protein treatment that takes just half an hour, with results that last for up to a month.

Define curls, tame frizz and enjoy healthy hair that’s easier to manage, whatever style you choose. The unique blend of flexible, heat-activated proteins in Intense Boost reach maximum effect as they become 100% dried in.

Choose Moisture Mask or Protein Mask, to suit your hair type.


Keep the shape of your hair while adding strength, hydration and shine

Prolongs the duration of the KeraStraight treatment

Gives an intense boost of either moisture or strength to the hair

Massaged into the hair, so tangles just disappear

Defines curls

Can be repeated once a week, with even better results each time

A great introduction to KeraStraight treatments and products

Results that last 30 days

Protein Mask

Strength with softness for fine, thin or limp hair

Creating semi-permanent strength by coating the outside with proteins whilst slightly penetrating it too, for luxurious results.

Moisture Mask

Adds moisture without weight, for coarse, dry or damaged hair

Hydrates the hair to just the right level to maximise the proteins, for a silky soft finish.

What is Intense Boost Plus?

Amplify the treatment and the results. Even greater repair, strength and hydration in just 45 minutes.

Intense Boost Plus delivers even greater repair, strength and hydration and takes just 40-45 minutes. Intense Moisture Boost provides the most luxurious in-salon treatment for thick, dry and damaged hair, leaving the hair soft, shiny and feeling gorgeous. Intense Protein Boost repairs even the weakest hair leaving it feeling stronger, healthier with incredible shine.

How long does the Intense Boost treatment take?

The treatment takes less than 30 minutes to apply.

How long does the INTENSE BOOST treatment last?

Intense Boost leaves hair feeling healthier, stronger and easier to manage for up to one month, depending on your hair type and condition.

How much does the INTENSE BOOST treatment cost?

The cost of the Intense Boost treatment will depend on your hair type, its condition and length, and the salon you choose. Contact your local salon to find out more.

What is the minimum age for a INTENSE BOOST treatment?

The Intense Boost treatment is licensed for use on clients from the age of six.

Can I have the INTENSE BOOST treatment if I’m pregnant?

Our treatments are built on conditioners and proteins and don’t contain formaldehyde or any of its derivatives. If you’re pregnant or nursing and have any concerns, we recommend you consult with your doctor before booking a KeraStraight treatment.

Is INTENSE BOOST cruelty-free and vegan?

Yes, Intense Boost is both cruelty-free and vegan.

Where can I get a INTENSE BOOST treatment done?

You can get a Intense Boost Fix treatment done in any KeraStraight salon. Visit our salon locator to find a salon near you.