Caring for coloured hair

It’s no great secret that colouring your hair can leave it dry and coarse, and you won’t be shocked to hear us say that coloured hair needs plenty of love and care to keep it looking and feeling amazing.

Thankfully, there’s good news for colour addicts in the form of KeraStraight’s professional quality treatments and products which are formulated to help you to repair, style and maintain your coloured hair with confidence! 

But first, let’s take a look at how the damage happens in the first place.

How does hair dye cause damage?

For a new colour to take to your hair, it has to penetrate the cuticle (AKA the hair’s protective outer layer) so that the dye can reach the hair’s inner structure where the colour lies. Hair dyes use ammonia to lift the cuticle, but this can damage it, too.

Another (potentially) damaging chemical you’ll have heard of is peroxide! This one is used to break down the hair’s natural pigment and remove the natural colour. The problem is, the pigment also contains vital moisture… remove the pigment and you remove moisture, leaving the hair dehydrated, weak and coarse. And we don’t want that!

Here’s how to avoid colour damage

The good news is that these days, there are lots of ways we can minimise the damage that colouring does to your hair! Above all, we ALWAYS recommend getting professional advice before you colour. In the long run, it’ll cost you less than trying to fix the dodgy colour and damage done by a bad dye job. Promise.

We’d also recommend that you insist on a bond-builder treatment such as INNOluxe (KeraStraight’s revolutionary sister brand) as part of your colour service. INNOluxe protects and repairs your hair while your colour is transformed, leaving your hair noticeably nourished, silky soft and beautifully shiny from the first time you use it.

That’s great, but my hair is already colour damaged! How can I fix it?

Dreaming of super-sumptuous, super-shiny tresses but stuck with dry, colour-damaged hair? Look no further than KeraStraight’s salon treatments, which work their magic to repair your hair, leaving it healthy, smoother, shiny and easy to manage.

Intense Boost lasts for 30 days and is a quick and easy way to replenish hair, restoring its health and vitality. Choose the boost your hair needs, whether that’s protein or moisture (ask your stylist if you’re not sure) and your coloured hair will be stronger, bouncier and healthier in no time.

If you’re looking for fuss-free hair that lasts even longer or want to give your hair the greatest amount of repair and rebuild, Ultimate Treatment is the one for you. Lasting for up to an impressive four months, it’ll revitalise your hair and leave it super-healthy, strong and soft. Coloured hair that’s in great condition, looks fabulous and is seriously easy to manage - it’s more achievable than you might think!

Can KeraStraight help me look after my coloured hair between salon visits?

Of course! All of our formulas are painstakingly designed to repair, strengthen and protect all hair types, including locks that have been exposed to harsh chemicals and heated styling tools.

“Maintaining the integrity of your hair and keeping your colour doesn’t happen in just one appointment”, says Society’s Georgia Bell. “It’s so important to me that my clients switch from shop bought shampoo to professional products”.

As a day-to-day remedy for dry, damaged, fine or limp hair, our professional aftercare shampoos, conditioners are perfect for hydrating and repairing. Choose from Volume Enhance or Moisture Enhance, depending on what your hair needs most.

And if you’re looking for an at-home treatment, look no further than our pampering KeraStraight Moisture Mask or Protein MaskLouise Foard, Creative Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden recommends using a mask once a week “to really revitalise your hair and bring it back to life for those bouncy shiny blowdrys”.

Our Style range can also help you to keep that salon-quality strength and shine between appointments. These products all contain Prothermyn, our signature heat-activated protein technology which creates extra repair as it’s dried in with heat. Layer your favourite Style products to get the look that’s right for you, with added strength, from Heat Protect and Root Boost to Moisture Mist and Texture Crème. And of course, Rescue Crème is there as a pick-me-up for your hair when it needs that extra helping hand.

And finally, our award-winning Ultimate Oil uses a gorgeous blend of premium oils to target dehydration and damage. It’s suitable for all hair types, and all you need to do is apply a small amount to damp hair before styling to keep your coloured hair nourished, shiny and frizz-free. You can even apply a drop to dry hair for a beautiful lightweight polish.

Healthy coloured hair? It’s easy!

With a little help from KeraStraight (and INNOluxe) you CAN have coloured hair that’s healthy, nourished, shiny and smooth. Only one question remains… Which colour will you choose first?!