Prepping for the party season

It may still be November, but the festive season is fast approaching! And that means plenty of planning about how to look our best in the run up to Christmas. Yes, we know parties will look different this year – but that doesn’t mean we’ll be neglecting the glamour as the festivities set in.

The big question, though, is how you can you get the best from your locks this year, especially with salons a no-go for the next few weeks at least?

Never fear! We asked the experts for their top tips for prepping (and getting!) the look you’re lusting after as the (socially-distanced) party season of 2020 approaches.

Pamper your hair to the way it deserves!

Hair will only look at its best when it’s in great condition. That’s your fail-safe way to get the smooth, bouncy finish and gorgeous shine that so many of us are after. Hair that’s healthy is easier to style, too, so it’s a win-win!

“Make sure you have an Intense Boost before the holiday season to get your shine on”, says Brenda Charlemagne. And she’s not the only one.

Sandy Wood agrees, pointing out that professionals know best: “With the help of KeraStraight’s Moisture Mask and Protein Mask, we can alleviate your hair’s stress in just one treatment.”  And the good news is that you can buy Moisture Mask and Protein Mask to use at home if you can’t make it to the salon!

Sounds good! We’re in. 

Preparation is everything

“One thing that I feel has remained throughout 2020 is the love for healthy, shiny hair”, says Society’s Georgia Bell. “We’ve had to embrace lived-in colour because of lockdown so why not embrace our natural fall as well for party season?”

Georgia makes a good point. Working with your hair’s natural tendencies is a sure-fire way to get good results.

Whether you’re embracing your natural curls or going super-sleek, the key is in the preparation and the products you pick.

If you’re embracing your natural curl, Georgia suggests teaming up KeraStraight’s Texture Crème and Ultimate Oil “to give those curls the moisture and boost they need”.

And if it’s super sleek you’re after, she’s a big fan of blow-drying using Rescue Crème and then straightening with Heat Protect.

And if you’re planning an up-do?

Louise Foard from Trevor Sorbie is here with the pro tips about how to create the perfect base for your evening up-do!

“If you're planning an up-do for the Christmas party, wash your hair on the day”, she says. “Use either the Moisture Enhance or Volume Enhance Shampoo and matching Conditioner to get the best results. Then prep your hair using Root Boost and blow dry it”.

There you have it – all the tips for getting your prep on. Only one question remains… 

Which style will you choose?

Photo credits:

Stylist: @louisealexandrahair
Salon: @trevorsorbie
Model: @_fletch94
Make up: @faunnash