Saving your hair from the sun with KeraStraight founder Jez Barnett

“The sun, sea, pool and even coastal air can really strip hydration from the hair leaving it feeling dry and weak. As the elements take so much from the hair, it's a perfect time to replenish with treatments that rebuild what the sun, sea and pool have stripped away.”, our founder Jez Barnett advises. But keeping your hair in tip-top condition during the summer doesn’t need to be a chore. To help you achieve your perfect hair all summer long, Jez gives you the lowdown on 3 simple steps for #SummerMadeEasy.

Begin with the end in mind

Your first weapon in the fight against the damage is a powerful protectant. “We recommend protecting hair with a sun and swim protector on holiday, like KeraStraight Protect”, Jez advises. For maximum protection, spray all over damp hair before you step out in the sun, hit the beach, or the pool. Just like sun cream, it provides a protective barrier against harmful UVA, UVB rays, and other harsh elements to ensure that your hair maintains its health throughout the season. Another great tip is to rinse as soon as you can after leaving the pool or sea. A quick rinse with clean water will wash away any excess salt from sea water or chlorine from the pool which can quickly strip the hair of its health.

Hair Masks to the Rescue

Whether you’re on holiday, or just enjoying the sunshine, a hair mask is a summer must-have for all hair types. Aside from being a great part of your overall hair care routine, a hair mask can make the difference between soft and silky summer locks and a holiday hair disaster. But which sort of hair mask is right for me? Jez has some guidance on which masks to go for during the summer months, “Masks that contain wheat proteins are exceptional as hair loves wheat proteins, they are easily absorbed and rebuild the hair's inner structure without creating excess weight.” KeraStraight Protein and Moisture Boost are both jam-packed with these fantastic wheat proteins. Apply onto shampooed and towel-dried hair and leave on for between 5 and 20 minutes before rinsing. They’re a great way to unwind if you’re having a relaxed evening in on your holiday or are equally a great way to simmer down summer stresses at the end of the week.

Invest is Best

Last, but by no means least, are the more powerful in-salon treatments. Jez stresses the importance of treatments when it comes to hair protection & repair during summer, “In-salon treatments like Intense Boost that lasts 30 days can easily and quickly  replenish hair, restoring its health and vitality.”  If you’re looking for fuss-free hair for summer, consider a full treatment such as KS Ultimate. Lasting 4 months, it will see you right through the summer season with frizz-free, fuss-free, and gorgeously repaired hair. Or maybe you’ve noticed that your hair has become somewhat dull and lifeless after countless holidays or afternoons sunbathing? An Intense Boost or KS Ultimate will revitalise your hair to bring it back to a healthy, strong, yet soft condition.

So there you have it, three top tips, from our top expert Jez Barnett. To find out more tips from expert stylists on #SummerMadeEasy take a look around.